Google Voice Transcription

It’s actually pretty good, but it cannot cope with my mother’s accent. I don’t get a lot of messages, but the other ones I get are basically correct on the words with maybe weird punctuation.

This is how it interprets my mom:

Hi Ash, on Monday the bed in about 15 minutes. I was just calling you back up finished cooking. Sieman Sent to lighting love you bye.

Hey ash, um I’m going to go to bed in about 15 minutes. I was just calling you back, I finished cooking salmon. Scintillating. Love you, bye.

How about:

HI because they actually call me.

Ashley, Call me.

Here’s another good one:

I was calling to say. If you wanna grab some the box.

I was calling to see if you wanted to grab something to eat. Bye.

And another:

Hi Ash, just calling to say hello. I’m back to you and didn’t think it’d be nice if this is something that’s a couple of minutes call me back if not I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you bye.

Hey Ash, um, calling to say hello. I’m back in the room getting ready to go to bed. If you get this within the next couple of minutes call me back if not I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you bye.

Google Voice Transcription
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2 thoughts on “Google Voice Transcription

  1. 1

    Maybe Google Voice just hates me, my transcriptions are terrible. For example: ” Hey, Nicol this is, Selia I was. I got the jacket I was calling you, be cos I haven’t heard from you about the doodle Paul, I wonder if somehow to get to you. Anyway, we are planning to have a meeting on Tuesday evening at 7:30. From 7 30 9 o’clock to talk about of the company and mostly about the show. I’m getting the clients are going and I would love to invite you to attend, so I’m going to go ahead and send an R. C. P to you A confirmation rather to use. So that’s what that’s about our location is currently T, VA and will determine tomorrow okay. Thank you dear. Look forward to talking to you bye. ”

    I don’t remember exactly what it was supposed to be, but it wasn’t that. I find Google Voice gets confused by pauses, wind in the cell phone, traffic noises, stammering, etc, and just makes shit up.

  2. JP

    My former law partner (Southeastern North Carolina) tried to use a voice transcription program once.

    It resulted in numerous seriously amusing transcriptions and it was ultimately sent into the circular file. The staff loved it because it was so funny.

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