50 Books: A List

So, the reason I started this 50 books thing was because I had so many unread books that I had obtained in one way or another that I really wanted to read and that I hadn’t made time for.  There were, as of January, probably 80 unread books in my house.  Due to me being insane, there are now over that, though they’re not all on my reading list.  It only has 78 unfinished and unread books (I was guesstimating 55 earlier…), not including stuff I have and have no intention of reading or I’ve forgotten to include.

What follows is a list of everything I’ve read in 2010, what I’m currently at least halfway through or have from the library, and what is on my list for the future.  Any thoughts, like if you think a book is awesome or you want to hear my opinion on it so I should read it, are welcome.  Mostly, I just made a list and don’t want it to go to waste just sitting in my Google Tasks.


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Searching for Dragons (library)
  3. Dealing with Dragons (library)
  4. 23. Carpe Jugulum
  5. 22. Last Continent
  6. 21. Jingo
  7. 20. Hogfather
  8. 19. Feet of Clay
  9. Asimov’s Guide to Old Testament
  10. 18. Maskerade
  11. 17. Interesting Times
  12. 16. Soul Music
  13. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
  14. A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Mary Russell 2)
  15. The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (Mary Russell 1)
  16. 15. Men at Arms
  17. Godless
  18. 14. Lords and Ladies
  19. 13. Small Gods
  20. 12. Witches Abroad
  21. Snow White, Blood Red
  22. Ordinary Princess
  23. 11. Reaper Man
  24. 10. Moving Pictures
  25. 9. Eric
  26. 8. Guards Guards
  27. Tricks of the Mind
  28. 7. Pyramids
  29. 6. Wyrd Sisters
  30. 5. Sourcery
  31. 4. Mort
  32. The Porn Trap
  33. 3. Equal Rites
  34. 2. Light Fantastic
  35. 1. Colour of Magic
  36. Scopes Transcript
  37. Religious Orgy Tennessee

Currently Reading

  1. The Female Brain
  2. Freethinkers (library)
  3. Lyra’s Oxford (library)
  4. Spindle’s End (library)
  5. Demon Haunted World
  6. Flim-Flam!
  7. 24. The Fifth Elephant

To Read

  1. the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet (don’t own)
  2. A Study in Scarlet (started)
  3. Law 101 (started)
  4. Stranger Beside Me (started)
  5. 25. The Truth
  6. 26. Thief of Time
  7. 27. The Last Hero
  8. 28. Amazing Maurice
  9. 29. Night Watch
  10. 30. Wee Free Men
  11. 31. Monstrous Regiment
  12. 32. A Hat Full of Sky
  13. 33. Going Postal
  14. 34. Thud
  15. 35. Wintersmith
  16. 36. Making Money
  17. The Brethren
  18. Incest
  19. Let the Right One In
  20. My Life in France
  21. Heartsick
  22. The Informant
  23. The Lady Elizabeth
  24. The God Virus
  25. The Professor and the Madman
  26. The Age of American Unreason
  27. The Family
  28. Innocent Traitor
  29. One L
  30. The Politician
  31. Julia Child
  32. Eragon
  33. Reading the OED
  34. Virgin Suicides
  35. Prozac Nation
  36. Irreligion
  37. Coraline
  38. His Dark Materials Reread (3 books)
  39. Nixonland
  40. Asimov’s Guide to the New Testament
  41. The Mind of the Market
  42. Emerging Epidemics
  43. The New Atheism
  44. Good Natured
  45. Evil in Modern Thought
  46. Creationism’s Trojan Horse
  47. Hitch 22
  48. Additional Sherlock Holmes (8)
  49. Works of Jane Austen (6)
  50. Additional Mary Russell (8, only own 2)

If I somehow got through 58 this year (21 more over the next 20 weeks, which is below my average which predicts 62 total) and do the same next year, without adding any additional books to the list (unlikely as I’m already remembering things I haven’t added and know several coming out that I will have to add), I will have just gotten through all of it.

All of this makes my “50 book challenge” feel kind of pathetic, like so what if I’ve accomplished it, I’m approaching an obviously Sisyphean task.  The books are judging me, I can tell.  It will never be enough for you people!

50 Books: A List

5 thoughts on “50 Books: A List

    1. 1.1

      Lol, if you’re implying I should re-read Revelation, I gotta tell you, if I’m gonna read something so poorly written, I prefer non-fiction.

      If you’re implying I should read less and “drink the wine of her passionate sexual sins”* a little more, trust me, I’m doing my best to balance the two.

      *(This translation is so much sexier)

  1. 2

    I just want to know which ones are good! You should update as you read em off even with quick blurbs. I love getting book recommendations from people. Im going to go looking these 3 up 12. Witches Abroad
    Snow White, Blood Red
    Ordinary Princess

    lemme know if you think I should read em.

    1. 2.1

      I am doing short reviews of all the ones I read, but in groups of five so I don’t overload the blog. http://ashleyfmiller.wordpress.com/category/50-books/

      Those three books were all reviewed in the same batch of 5, interestingly enough. http://ashleyfmiller.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/50-books-16-20/

      Witches Abroad “One of my favorites, I love the witches. This is a send up of all fairy tales sort of mashed into one, plus some voodoo and New Orleans style magic. A very fun read/listen.” (All the one with a second number are the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, who is a hysterically funny writer)

      Ordinary Princess “This is a children’s book and a great deal shorter than most of the other books on my reading list. I say it makes up for those Asimov books which are long and dry. Of course, I haven’t finished those yet. This is sort of similar to Ella Enchanted. It’s about the youngest princess in the family and her fairy godmother grants her the gift of being ordinary, and so she’s not as pretty, or blond, or dainty as the other princesses and she runs away and has adventures and falls in love with an ordinary king. Love it.”

      Snow White, Blood Red “This is a collection of stories that are re-tellings of fairy tales, but fairly adult. I read them originally when I was pretty young, 14ish, and it was the first thing I read that was at all naughty and grown-up. There is a retelling of Rapunzel in here that had morphed and grown into something totally different in my mind, it was interesting to go back and read it over a decade later. My mind version is better, by the way.”

  2. 3

    Lol aren’t they always? I had these books that I read called the Alanna series. In my head they were amazing. I reread them and they were not nearly as cool. Ok well it sounds like Im definitely going to do Witches Abroad.

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