Nicholl 2010

Didn’t make it to the QFs.

I’m bummed, but trying not to be too bummed.  I know the script is in much, much better shape than it was when it SFed last year — I’ve got industry reader feedback, so it’s not just my opinion.  It comes down to the fact that it’s an incredibly arbitrary process with over 6000 scripts competing, and if you’re script addresses anything controversial or is a weird genre, it’s not unlikely that it might hit someone the wrong way.  That’s all I can guess from the PS, 2 readers liked it and one hated it.

I am really surprised and bummed after how well it did last year, but I guess that just underlines how much luck is involved.

Nicholl 2010

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    All judging is subjective. It doesn’t matter if its gymnastics or screenwriting. For all you know the reader was having a bad day when they got the script, and marked it down horribly just because they were in a bad mood. Or their cat died and they weren’t in the mood for a comedy.

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    I still think it’s an awesome script. And I sent it to a HARD CORE Catholic and he though it was just brilliant. I said, “read the first 5 pages. You’ll know if you like it.” He finished the whole thing at his desk at work, in one day. I just kept hearing him laughing his butt off.

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    Hi Ashley, we wrote each other briefly after last years Nicholl. Same thing with me, last year SF this year didn’t even QF, and I submitted two sps including what I thought was my strongest yet. Like Steve (above) says, so many factors come into play, it’s a crap-shoot on whether a contest submission will ever really lead to a career – and like a working screenwriter friend of mine also says: “Hey, if you’ve got that far it at least means you can write. So you’re in the running whether you know it or not.” He submitted for ten years himself, gave up on it, left LA, then one day someone with an old sp of his gave him a call and now he supports his family as a writer. So keep at it!

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      I’m not too upset about it. I’ve gotten enough feedback that my writing is good that the validation, while nice, isn’t as important to me. I would have loved to place again but I’m ok that I didn’t. Sorry you didn’t either

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