Back from TAM

And boy do I have lots and lots to say. But I have to work, so it’s going to be a little while before I’m able to put everything together. But expect a rundown of the whole event, some pictures, an in-depth response to Phil Plait’s Tone Police speech, and all of the best quotes of the event.

As David Jaberbaum, former Executive Producer of The Daily Show, put it, “What happens in Vegas can be shared with everybody because it makes so much common sense.” And “It makes more sense to have TAM in Vegas than in the Vatican only because the architecture is less gaudy and the illegal sex is more consensual.”

More soon!

Back from TAM

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    I’ll be interested on your take of Phil’s talk. I have my own. I certainly do think I am a bit caustic at times, but I’m trying to tone it down. But when saying anything in opposition to someone not using critical thinking skills (like my recent run-in with a nutjob chiropractor on my blog) is offensive to them, where do we draw the line? Sometimes, we just have to call ’em as we see ’em.

    My “Whoa!” moment was when Jennifer Hecht said she couldn’t see how we could be continuing to evolve. Half the room must have heard my exclamation. She must have. I have rarely heard a more egregiously ignorant statemtent on the subject of biology. Even from creationists. She didn’t take Massimo’s earlier talk to heart, it would seem.

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      My own was originally incredibly pissed off, but has settled into I think he was using unspecific language. I agree that, generally speaking, you should be nice to someone you’re trying to convince if you’re having an argument with them to convince them. That’s not the only reason you have arguments though. Sometimes it’s to convince everyone else that you’re right, regardless of what the other person thinks.

      And I thought it was somewhat patronizing — here’s daddy figure Phil Plait telling us all to mind our Ps and Qs and not be so abrasive because daddy doesn’t like that. Pissed me off something hardcore.

      And the fact is most of the people he’s talking about are people who are incredibly nice, polite and respectful in person. He’s got a problem with their online behavior. And frankly, it’s the fucking internet, that’s how people are and to fucking yell at a bunch of people who are really into the same thing you are because you don’t like the tone they take is a bit much.

      AND I take issue with him treating skepticism as something we should be in charge of proselytizing. If I want to have an angry discussion about people hacking off little girls privates and be a complete dick to anyone who disagrees with me, I get to do that. Will that change people’s minds, I dunno, but it’s my way of dealing with the information and Phil Plait isn’t my daddy and skepticism isn’t some fucking religion that has rules.

      //END RANT

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