World Cup Polls!

An important part of the World Cup is picking teams you will cheer for and, even more fun, who you will cheer against.  My own prejudices are revealed in the polls below.  The system is complicated, but basically it goes as follows.

1. Spain because they’ve never won and they’re really good this year, and they’ve been really good in the past too.  Plus I’ve been to Spain, loved Barcelona, and speak Spanish.  So I’m cheering for them.

2. England is why I like soccer as much as I do, and it’d be nice to see them win again, especially as underdogs. They’ve only won once (’66) and they invented the stupid game.

3. Argentina has the best player in the world, Messi, and I like their flag/uniform colors.  Plus, I really liked the movie Evita. And it’s always nice to have a good guy on this side of the Atlantic.

4. USA.  Well, I mean, I live here so…

5. Mexico – “Mexico is the biggest loser at the tournament, having had 22 losses. They also have the worst goal differential, allowing 36 more than they have scored overall.”

So if it is Spain vs England or Argentina, I might have to simply sit that one out, can’t say I’d be sad if any of those three won it all, and they’ve got good odds.

Brazil is the special case, I really like them, they’re very talented and have a tendency to dominate the scene.  So, I want to cheer for them because they’re great, but literally everyone else in the tournament is an underdog because of them. I would be sad to not see them play incredibly well, but I’d also be sad to see them win it.

I’m cheering against the following:

1. Italy plays dirty and I don’t like that.  Sick of people pretending to fall down, and they completely earned that headbutt.  Also, they are the reigning champions.

2. Germany – I don’t necessarily hate the German team or anything, it’s just that, behind Brazil and Italy, they are the most winningest team at the World Cup.

3. France – You can’t be for England and not against France. “I’m very positive on the French, my family way back was French, so I go with it, but they are kind of, well, fucking French at times.” Eddie Izzard

4. N. Korea – This is just for the lulz

World Cup Polls!

6 thoughts on “World Cup Polls!

  1. 1

    Nice little video at the bottom! How cool is that!?! Very good explanations for your votes and vote against’s. I think I just learned more about the sport and the world from this post than I ever knew about either before.

    Well done Ms. …

  2. Mal

    Ashley, You’re unfair about the Italians and unfortunately everyone falls down now. I don’t even think they’re particularly dirty (though they used to be very hard). Champions of falling over are Portugal, closely followed by Germany but watch out for great simulated injury suffering all round. Oh, and the French. Yeah I agree about them!

    1. 2.1

      “Italians always act like this. It is a shame to say that, but when they feel they’re being dominated they try to provoke you. Yes, they are cheaters, but we can’t stop that. FIFA and the referees only see the second act, they never look at why there is an incident. I accept when the adversary wins with honour, but that is not the case. We know Zizou, he doesn’t react like that. People can’t react like that, but he has been insulted. I think it was very grave. When you play against people like that you want to kick their ass. It’s cheating, but they’re Italians.”
      -William Gallas

      1. Mal

        It’s quite ironic that you’ve chosen to quote Gallas given that he’s currently refusing to talk to the press during the World Cup. Speculation is that he’s having a sulk because he wasn’t chosen as Captain. He’s certainly a strange personality who evokes stong emotions. Remember when he left Chelsea for Arsenal and the leaked story that he had threatened to score own goals if he wasn’t allowed to leave. Anyway my feeling about the Italians is that they can be the best or the can be the worst in the way they play and behave, We’ll have to wait and see who turns up in South Africa!

  3. kk

    I’m agree with who you’re pulling for and against 100% and for exactly the same reasons. That’s pretty much what I told Brandy the other day when we were discussing World Cup. Naturally she’s pulling for Mexico because she’s got personal ties to the country, but I’m really excited about the possibility of a Spanish win.

    I would only add to your reasons why I’m cheering against Italy that they are also racist and they’re dirty shirt pullers as well as dive takers.

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