Have some disturbing links

The following is a man arguing that the only way for men to get back equality that they’ve lost thanks to feminism is to rape women.

“So it is about time men in feminist countries such as Norway stop thinking of rape as wrong.”


Here’s an article from the front page of CNN that’s all God-lovey.  Let’s ignore for a moment that it’s just shitty writing, and acknowledge that it’s also incredibly biased and offensive.

“Jesus was fearless, not someone you provoked,” Franklin says. “He’s a man’s man. He was a carpenter who worked with his hands. He wasn’t a metrosexual who did his nails.”


Have some disturbing links

5 thoughts on “Have some disturbing links

  1. 2

    Nope, Jesus was “celibate” and hung out with a bunch of dudes — oh, and has inspired a lot of dudes since to give up women. So … I guess that is a man’s man, yeah.

  2. 3

    That first article is filled with logic!fail and pseudo-intellectual bullshit I can’t even formulate a response. I sincerely hope all women run very far away from him.

    Also, God is totes a metrosexual. The Bible is totally the original What Not to Wear.

  3. 4

    Last I checked, manly men weren’t very compassionate. Which was pretty much Jesus’s number one trait.

    I’m still not sure why “metrosexuals” are bad. Or why manly men feel so threatened by them.

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