Eddie Kritzer aka Andy King Cont’d

I won’t let this post of his stay where it was originally posted because it’s got nothing to do with Eddie Kritzer, but I also think people should know exactly what depths this grown man is sinking to in an attempt to score some sort of points.

So, on a relatively popular post unrelated to Mr. Kritzer, “Andy King” posted the following:

you deleted Andy Kings criticism of Ashley; Ashley, your a hooker on
Sunset Blvd, some guy told me you gave him head, and he threw up on you, and you ate it.
Ashley you are one ugly old lady

While I did delete this comment, I haven’t deleted the one he posted prior.  I sent “Andy King” an e-mail asking him to stay on topic.

Let’s do some thought experiments here.  One, let’s pretend we don’t think “Andy King” is Eddie Kritzer, why would someone care that much about someone they supposedly didn’t know?  Why would a business man whose posts link directly to his business put that sort of language out in the public under his name?  Two, if it is Eddie Kritzer, which it is because the IP address and grammar is the same, why would he continually bring himself back up on a blog that calls him a scam?  Does he not realize that every time he posts, I get a surge in hits and more people discover what he’s done to me and the people who’ve contacted me?  Does he not realize that using that kind of language and this obsessive behavior makes him more obviously unprofessional, regardless of whether he’s a scam?

He is simply vile.  I don’t take it personally, but it’s hard not to be grossed out.  Especially when you consider this is a guy old enough to be my father.  Ick.

If you’re new to the Eddie Kritzer saga just click at the top where it says Eddie Kritzer and you’ll go to all the wordpress blogs on it, which are almost all mine.  Basically, he’s a guy who says he’ll be your agent if you pay him up front, which is against the rules for agents and who has been harassing me since October 09.

Eddie Kritzer aka Andy King Cont’d

6 thoughts on “Eddie Kritzer aka Andy King Cont’d

  1. 1

    Remember in The Fifth Element when Leeloo was absorbing all the information in the computer in alphabetical order? Remember when she got to “war” and became emotionally crippled with horror? Why did that not happen while she was still in the “K” section? Well…assuming there’s still a record of “Klass Act” Kritzer in the future.

  2. 2

    This guy sounds like he has intense rage brought on, most likely, by his inability to get an erection.

    Can’t you just block his IP? You should. Ignoring people like this makes them crazy. By posting on him you are probably feeding his obsession.

    1. 2.1

      The reason I don’t just block him is that he’s actively trying to scam other people and I think it’s important to show exactly what his behavior is to other people. After a while, I stopped posting new stuff from him before and he went away. But then he came back.

  3. 3

    I don’t see any solution to this problem that doesn’t involve stakes, crosses, and a priest. Eddie Kritzer is a crusty old vampire hooker that needs to be put down.

  4. 5

    Secondly, why would someone claim to know someone who got a beej in public, puked, and then kept it going after the further commentary.

    On the one hand I’d like to be impressed by his creativity, but on the other I’ve been writing some of the true stories from my life and have realized that some things we only know from experience, meaning that Eddie dressed as Andy King, went to Sunset, and vomited on someone who ate it.

    That’s a true story, and I know it’s true because it only can be.

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