A comment about Eddie Kritzer I got today

This is a lesson I will never forget (with the scumbag Eddie Kritzer):

This is the letter I jsut sent him today:

“Mr. Kritzer,

I sent you the letter 75 days ago to terminate my agreement with you. I will give you until This Friday (March 26) to return the $700 (or less before your take our your commission – and I want a detailed listing of expenses, please).

I have other things to do besides calling you to check on the status of my money while I am at work.

If I don’t receive the $700 or reasonable portion thereof by Friday, (March 26), I will be writing a letter to the editor to the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times about your treatment of writers. Frankly, I do not care what might happen to your reputation as a result of my truthful letter.

Send the money to:

Justine A. Cowan
[email protected]

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.”

Almost everyone I’ve heard from about him hasn’t actually been hurt financially by being harassed by him, it makes me sad that there clearly are people who have been tricked into giving him money and taken advantage of.  I don’t know how much the LA or NY Times will care about a small time scam artist, but the local news may be interested in pursuing an investigation.  Local news thrives on small time crook stuff.

A comment about Eddie Kritzer I got today

6 thoughts on “A comment about Eddie Kritzer I got today

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    The general rule of thumb is if somebody starts bouncing famous names off of you and then asks for money up front before their introductory paragraph is finshed, then you should more than likely keep your eyes open for a scammy-scam!

    I talked to this bozo very briefly about a week a go and then hung up on him. He called me back and said how he was indeed not a scam sculptor in a voice mail. I sent him an e-mail back explaining how it was my way or the high way and he gets paid a % out the back end of any production and distribution deal that he could arrange…I never heard back from him. Is he a con artist? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know for sure is that I am an award winning author.

    Take good care.


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      Dear Rick,
      If you are an award winning author would you mind giving some tips? I know what I have written is amazing, but I am not quite sure how to go about publishing it. Therefore why I was almost scammed by Eddie.

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    I thought this guy was behind you.

    On the positive note, I read a story today that Disney is developing a MALEFICENT spinoff.

    I think you said that she’s your favorite villain.

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    Hey Rose;

    The two awards that I won were in college. It’s not like I recieved a pulitzer or the check that comes with but I was still up against some real talent. Don’t let anyone promise you help in exchange for your money just becuase they know a few people. The people who are valid will not feel required to drop names and they will show you true merit by their actions. Also, anyone can get published by a vanity press, but this does not mean that you will get distributed. Spend forty or fifty bucks on a current copy of “The Writers Market”. It has every publication and covers every genre’ out there and will also help you to uderstand the art of writing a proper queery letter.
    Good luck Rose and keep your guard up so that you can let down people like Eddie K.
    Rick Peregoy
    PS~If you drive or know of anyone who does? Check out my web site @ http://www.yourlife2009.com

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    I’m telling you; he’s from one of those fucked up countries where people are still chased by wolves and women dress like pilgrims in some 19th century painting of Ellis Island. What do you expect from these people? Their chief exports are porn and death metal.

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