Project Runway! Season 7

I’m very excited that there’s a new season of PR starting tonight because last season sucked.  Reasons this season will be better:

1. It’s in New York again.  LA sucked.

2. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are in like every episode.

3. It couldn’t be worse than the last season.

4. Heidi is preggers.  This always makes it better for some reason.

5. The gays over at Project Rungay say it’s awesome and they’ve seen episode 1 already.

Quote I’m most looking forward to: “I’m sweating like a Baptist preacher!”

Project Runway! Season 7

3 thoughts on “Project Runway! Season 7

      1. Yeah, I didn’t know Ben was in the fashion program while I was at SCAD, since most of the program at the time consisted of a bunch of rail thin coke head girls, and my friend Shannon. But, it’s been cool to see him succeed in what he loved doing.

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