PitchQ Pitch; Will not acknowledge being embarrassed by my speaking voice


If you go here, there is a little place that says GuestCode where you can put in the following: thx1138  This will take you to my pitch, which you can then watch and rate.

You can also mock my marginal public speaking skills and how weird the pitch of my voice is in real life versus how it sounds in my head.  I mean, you don’t know that, but trust me.  I will also not talk about how I blink one eye more than the other and talk about of one side of my mouth more than the other.  Because, you don’t care.

Also, check out the face I’m making in the still frame.

PitchQ Pitch; Will not acknowledge being embarrassed by my speaking voice

5 thoughts on “PitchQ Pitch; Will not acknowledge being embarrassed by my speaking voice

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    Hi Ashley!

    Have subscribed to your blog for a while and love it; wish you the very best with Bible Con. 🙂 Thought I’d de-lurk and drop in my 2 cents about your pitch:

    Firstly, your voice, blinking, and side-of-mouth speaking are all completely fine and I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about in that department. I didn’t notice anything! And I really enjoyed your speaking style.

    My only major feedback is that you don’t seem very excited about your script (which sounds conceptually awesome) and I’d personally love to see you be a bit more enthusiastic – and amused – by it, as you’re pitching. It is a comedy after all.

    Also, I don’t think you mentioned your Nicholl win. Are you not allowed to for some reason? If not, definitely include it! You deserve the extra kudos.

    And two really minor extras:
    1) I’ve been told on multiple occassions not to finish a speech with “thank you.” Instinctively, it makes sense to me to include it, but I’ve realised that it does generally detract from one’s speech a little. The thought being that the audience should thank YOU for your words, not the other way ’round. Sounds arrogant, but I think your pitch would work just as well without it. 🙂
    2) I think your hair looks “funner” down, rather than pinned up, which might suit Bible Con better.
    As I said, very minor!

    Thanks for all your general blog awesomeness, and I look forward to seeing Bible Con on screen soon. Yay!

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      Thanks a lot 🙂

      Re: the excitement and the thank you, those were both instructions from the pitchq guy. He thought I sounded too sing-song when I was excited and thought I should try to sound more like a news reporter. I also ended it originally with “And that’s Bible Con!” but apparently “thank you’s” are more in order.

      Hair note, noted.

      I’m probably not going to redo this one, but I might do it for future scripts so… Thanks!

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    And now that I’ve read your previous post 5 minutes later, the concept of feedback on something you are very unlikely to re-do for Bible Con seems much more irrelevant.

    Oh, well. Your pitch is fantastic enough as it is, anyway!

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    It’s a good thing you have this blog, it’s like (to use a metaphor) the rock you crawl out of. It’s the only placr you will ever be published.
    It’s very easy to make comments on it, but it’s another thing to have your script made into a movie; you need talent and perservance.
    You gave up to easy, put your efforts into selling you script.
    Not making totally inane and false comments.
    Eddie Kritzer

    1. 3.1

      Please keep your comments relevant to the post at hand. Going to every post and posting insults is called “trolling” and it’s extremely rude. I will not approve any further ad hominem attacks, as everything you post is both irrelevant and mind-numbingly stupid.

      There are also a few things I’d like to point out to you. That is a simile, not a metaphor. The word is “place”. I have been published elsewhere. It’s spelled “perseverance”. “To” and “too” are different words. The word is “your” not “you”. And just because I don’t trust you with either my money or my creative property doesn’t mean I’ve given up, it means I’ve chosen not to throw my money away to someone who clearly prefers harassing me to actually pursuing a real job.

      Also, it sounds like you’re signing off with a promise to not make inane and false comments. I won’t hold my breath.

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