Eddie Kritzer Cont’d

His response to my email: “Which incorrect blog are you talking about?”

Boy does this say a lot.  I think he just saw my blog and sent me a blanket threatening e-mail that he sends all blogs that say bad things about him.  And there are quite a few*.  Which makes sense, since nothing in his e-mail actually applies to me or our discussions.  In other words, he saw a blog saying things about him and sent the e-mail without bothering to figure out what his behavior towards that person had been.

To be more specific: He never offered me notes on my story.  He asked for a $600 advance to just read it.  I told him that was against the WGA policy for Agents and Managers, and not something I was interested in.  I told him over e-mail and phone.  He called me again, and again I explained to him I was not interested.  So, telling him I was not interested did not end the phone calls.

As for credibility and credits, I’ll let his words speak for him.  And this page can speak for me.  Take whichever side makes more sense.

* Just do a Find search on Eddie Kritzer or Scam on any of these pages:







Eddie Kritzer Cont’d

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    I’m very confused why he insists (both in his email and on his website) that you need IMDBpro to verify his credits… or at least, the ones he boasts about that don’t seem to materialize in a simple Google search.

    Oh Ashley, I wish you’d come to me with this. Think of the fun I could be having right now with this guy.

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