Jack Finlay: Obituary, note from the Film School, and his sister

From the FSU Mailing list:

Am so sorry to have to share with you news about the death of Jack Finlay, who has acted in many, many student films, always ready to help out as an extra or in a major role. His contributions to our films and his happy smile will be missed.

Following is an email I received from his sister, Leslie, with a bit of information beyond the obituary which was run in the Tallahassee Democrat. As you will note in the obituary (url listed below), his family has recommended that memorial donations be made to the Film School. Addresses are also listed if you want to contact his family by mail or email, and there is a guest book on the obituary site.


Subject: Death of Jack Finlay

Hi Meryl,
Scott Holstein has suggested that I send to you a copy of Jack’s obituary in case you think it appropriate to include something about his sudden death last Sunday Sep 20th in the film school newsletter.

The medical examiner has declared that Jack died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Apparently he had a heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. He had brought his good friend and our cousin, George Wurster, to the film school to audition when he was stricken. Campus police used the resuscitator paddles on him and brought him back. The emts and ambulance took him to the hospital, but Jack didn’t make it. He died at 4:13pm.

Here is the link to the obit in today’s Tallahassee Democrat.

The funeral is Saturday, Oct 3, 2009 at 11am, at Culleys Meadowwood Funeral Home on Riggins Road in Tallahassee.

Thank you!

Leslie Ruth Finlay

Jack Finlay: Obituary, note from the Film School, and his sister

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