A real person read my script

We’ll call these people S and T. S is a manager/producer type, T is S’s assistant. F, my creative partner, has a connection with S, in that she really loved Prombies!, the short he and I made that was about erections turning boys into zombies, and she has been in touch with him a couple times about his interest in directing some fairly middling (read:bad) zombie comedies.

Anyway, F was kind enough, with some heavy pressure from myself, to suggest that they read my script when I found out it was a quarter-finalist at Nicholl. Well, I immediately got a “Please send it” but, as the months passed, although I was diligent with follow up, I figured it would never get read.

And then it got read, and he likes it. And he wants to see all my writing. The only problem is that the only polished thing I have other than the feature, is a Television Spec for Mad Men. It’s not a bad spec, but it’s also not much use for people who produce features. Luckily, I have the first act of another screenplay, Dyke for a Day, written, but in severe need of polishing. He wants to see it ASAP, so I’m going to spend the weekend writing.

I’ve also been in contact with a few people from Craigslist about editing or working on some different projects. One is a short, the other is a feature documentary that appears to be about Gay Jews.  <3

I have a pitch with a web producer as well.  I’m going to go make that phone call now.  Fingers crossed!

Things in Theatres I want to see: The September Issue, Fame, Paranormal Activity, Jennifer’s Body, Capitalism: A Love Story, Coco Before Chanel, Bright Star, Whip It, Anti-Christ, The Men Who Stare at Goats

A real person read my script

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    Congrats Ashley!

    I had a friend in a similar spot a out a year or so ago. He had a producer ask to read a spec script of his (which I thought was really brilliant).

    I asked him what else he had ready to show people. He said, “nothing yet.” So I told him, “Don’t you think you should just in case they ask to see what else you’ve written?”

    He spent the next three weeks writing.

    Best of luck! Prombies sounds like an awesome idea. Do you have the short posted anywhere?

    When will you know about Nicholl?

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      Yeah, I’m glad I have something else to show, and I will have a third thing, which is also good. It’s just the struggle of how much can you write and make a living while trying to get to a place of earning money through writing.

      Nicholl I should find out next week probably. I’m freaking out about it, trying not to get my hopes up and failing miserably 🙂

      Prombies! is awesome, there are some clips in my “editing reel” page. It’s owned by the film school and still on the film festival circuit, so we’re not allowed to post the whole thing. I can try to YouSendIt or something if you’re really eager to see it.

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    As for editing, be careful on who you expose your material too on Craigslist, especially when it comes to non-disclosure, copyright, and contracts. Some shady people there sometimes, that would like nothing better than to “borrow” your material. 😆

    Maybe some friends can help you out with the editing, because all you really need are external POVs that are fairly close to the audience the material is meant for.

    Good luck, and let us know how it went!

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      Editing as in picture cutting, not reading over my scripts. I only hand out my scripts to friends or people who I know how to find and sue. I definitely don’t go the craigslist route for that. Scary!

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