Naughty Kitchen: Review

A crazy bad review. I think this person has gone a bit off the deep end, but I understand why he didn’t really like the show.  I couldn’t keep any of my male friends in the room while it was on.  The girls seemed OK with it.

My complaints about the show were all about structure.  I think the people within the show seem interesting but the pacing and storyline seemed jumpy and unfocused.  I didn’t really understand what the show was about, it had no through line.  I mean, the review was supposed to be the through line, but I never even got the sense of what sort of timeline this was happening in.  They should make everything feel like “A week in the life” or something, even if they’re faking more interesting events into a week than actually happen.

And it was frustrating, a lot of the people who seem really interesting, I don’t feel like I got to see at all.  Not much Curtis or Sam or Kerri.  And while I like Blythe, she can be a little grating if she’s all you get to see for an hour — and I’d have liked to hear more from her that didn’t sound like she was reading something the producer had written for her to say.  This didn’t feel very real at all.

I’m hoping the next show will be a lot better because it’ll be all about Blythe trying to make a comeback from this review, which will give it some cohesion.

I think that Blythe being on TV is great, I think it’s good to have some females on TV who aren’t thin, gorgeous, or nice but still manage to be talented and successful.  Blythe is very much a woman in a man’s world and she’s really rough around the edges, I just hope the show will let us see what’s beneath the gruff, pink exterior.

Also, isn’t Curtis the cutest thing?  My roommate thinks he should be a model or go on Project Runway.

Curtis, Me, and Amanda
Curtis, Me, and Amanda
Naughty Kitchen: Review

5 thoughts on “Naughty Kitchen: Review

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    Honestly how many guys do you think would actually sit through one of his full shows! 😆

    It’ll be like asking one of lady friends to sit through an episode of Sunday Night Football, or an even better analogy: A National Lampoon Movie. 😛

    Each gender is going to have their qualms about a show that’s clearly geared towards a particular gender. But at it’s root we all know it’s all about the ratings…so as they say: the best publicity is any publicity! 😀

    Great post BTW.

  2. 3

    Yeah, but I totally have sat through Sunday Night Football and I like National Lampoon movies. And I’m not even a lezzer, so it’s not that.

    I think it’s sort of like a good game or a good movie will draw in people outside it’s target, but if the show’s not any good, it’s going to quickly lose any eyeballs that aren’t predisposed to watch it. And even the girls who sat through it may not be back for next week. So, we’ll see. I think probably drag queens liked the show a lot.

    BTW, thanks for the comments and for liking the blog. Always good to see people actually read some of this crap… I mean, very deep and meaningful… stuff.

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    😆 , you’re definitely right…heck I’ve enjoyed Romantic Comedies all my life, and my past girlfriends enjoyed that I enjoyed them. I watch them because I find many of them funny, and and enjoyable movies that put me in a better mood after long work weeks.

    There’s definitely not a black-n-white line between what genre’s cater to what demographics, but rather a VERY blurred Grey line.

    It’s the extremes, or more defined shows/movies that tend to deter the opposite demographics. I mean, really sappy movies just bore the hell out of me…the same way this show deters my gender. 😀

    Anytime! Yeah, after writing my own crap , ‘er I mean well defined literature, I tend to look for witty, funny stuff to relate my persona to.

    Have an awesome day!

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