Because When People Steal it Pisses Me Off

I’m re-posting this here because I think it deserves a wide circulation.  I’m really anti-stealing, but to steal a piece of art that someone has spent hours and hours creating is maybe the worst thing you can do.

Artist brute_force; had the following steampunk monocle stolen from him at Dragon*Con. It’s a one of a kind piece, so if you see it, that’s the one. There’s not another one like it.

He is offering a $200 reward for its safe return, no questions asked. He’s offering a $500 reward if it leads to the arrest of the person who stole it.

And, the kicker: if you get the thief arrested, he will make you one of these pieces. Value: a cool $1500.

Please crosspost and repost this, especially if you know lots of SCA, renfaire, gamer, anime, goth, costuming, and steampunk fans. Someone suggested covering furry and filk, too. Not a bad idea. Art theft like this really, really pisses me off. If the bastard won’t send it back, he should at least be afraid to wear it in public.

Because When People Steal it Pisses Me Off

5 thoughts on “Because When People Steal it Pisses Me Off

  1. 1

    Whoa! I want one of those!

    I remember Sonic Youth once had a U-Haul van stolen with all their customized equipment inside; it was irreplaceable. They offered twenty grand to have it returned.

    1. 1.1

      Yeah, it’s like these really cool things that are so personal and meaningful to the creator. I get that you like to steal and make money, but steal cookie cutter crap, not something someone’s invested their soul in.

    1. 2.1

      Well, I guess the plan would be to steal it and wear it to other cons? I dunno, the point of spreading it around is to definitely make stealing it pointless.

      Maybe you could resell it? It’s apparently worth 1500 bucks.

  2. 3

    I find steampunk stuff obnoxious, but no one deserved to have their hard work stolen, and this DEFINITELY qualifies as hard work.

    There was actually a piece on the news here in Atlanta about a lot of things being stolen from traders and patrons at Dragon Con this year.

    I guess a group of organized thieves saw the place as easy pickings.

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