Up and Down; Script, Web Series, Inktip; Allergies

So the webseries thing keeps ping ponging back and forth between happening and not happening.  If it does happen, I’m probably going to lose my Thanksgiving.  Theoretically also my Christmas, except I’m not willing to give up my Christmas and my Thanksgiving.  So.

There’s another short that I’ve been contacted about.  I just got the script, it’s cute, but quite long for a ‘short’.  I find that to be a common problem.  Short shorts get shown more!

And!  Excitingly!  A producer/director team contacted me to read my script.  This was from an ad on Mandy (see the link on the sidebar) and they contacted me very quickly.  So far Inktip has been a complete disappointment.  The script has come up on maybe 6 people’s searches, and no one’s read the synopsis.  It could be a problem of the logline, but, seeing the company names, it just seems like it’s not being found by people who are interested in comedy.

I took a benadryl and a claritin this morning, meaning I had two antihistamines in my system when I went to get my allergy skin test done. My reaction was so terrible that they called everyone who works there in to see.

Dr: Are you trying to win a prize?
Me: No allergies would be a good one, you got that?
Dr: Oh. Um, well.

And, for people like me who can’t get enough of other people’s medical melodrama, you can click here for the picture.

Up and Down; Script, Web Series, Inktip; Allergies

4 thoughts on “Up and Down; Script, Web Series, Inktip; Allergies

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    Against my better judgment I listed my script on InkTip. I got few logline views and most were from “companies” who weren’t even listed on IMDB. It made me wonder if these companies were even real or if they were sock puppets made to look like I was getting interest. Hard to say. If you don’t get interest it’s not that the service sucks, your logline must be the problem. But how do you know for sure? I just creates needless doubt.

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    I’m just amazed at how few views I’ve gotten when they say the first week is when you get the most views. I also think that no one’s so much as read the logline. It feels scammy to me. Which is weird, because I have heard good things, but second hand. Dunno.

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