Jane and Jessie: A Better, Shinier World – Chapter 9

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The turbine shaft descended far below ground level, by Jessie’s calculations. At the bottom, the shaft entered a cavern, where large vents in the shaft allowed the rocks taken inside of it to fall out and, presumably, get carried elsewhere. The Pokémon laborers who would have done that carrying, or aided the Magnemites’ efforts to turn the drill via the long rods sticking out into the cave, were long gone, but evidence of their violent departure lay scattered about. Even the Magnezone was gone, apparently still healthy enough to flee once whatever force compelled its aggression let it go. Jane, Jessie, and a minute later Flannery reached the bottom and waved goodbye to their steel assistants as they climbed into the cavern to take in the drill.

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Jane and Jessie: A Better, Shinier World – Chapter 9