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You can support Alyssa and The Perfumed Void by becoming one of my Patreon patrons. Monthly contributions can be as low as US$1 or as high as you wish, with increasing benefits for higher payments.

You can also make a direct contribution to Alyssa via her Paypal account.

For people who want to make a more concrete contribution, Alyssa has some Amazon wish lists you can use to give her a surprise gift.

Alyssa’s wish list for board games, stuffed toys, and similar items

Alyssa’s wish list for books, posters, and aquarium equipment

Alyssa’s wish list for clothes and accessories (NOTE: Where possible, items are shown at the appropriate size, but a trans woman’s measurements are often in flux.  Ask Alyssa before buying.)

Items sold through Amazon can be sent to me as gifts through Amazon easily.  Items from other sites added to these wish lists are trickier.  Send me a message about those first so I can send you relevant details, or make a donation and mention what you’d like it to be for 🙂

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