Shifty Lines

Many of the world’s conflicts can be attributed in whole or in part to the ways in which the borders between countries do not reflect the borders between nations, groups of people that perceive themselves as having a shared identity and destiny. In this series, Alyssa explores current and recent conflict zones to look for this etiology and speculate about how borders might be shifted to help resolve such conflicts and lead to a world where nations and states overlap more uniformly.

The Americas

US territories in the Caribbean and Pacific [slated for extensive revision and/or eventual replacement]

Idle No More: indigenous peoples of the Americas

The West Indies Federation

The Western Arctic: Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the North American Inuit

Why Isn’t Canada Part of the US?


North Africa

The East African Federation

Southern Africa [in progress]


The Caucasus

The British Isles

Two hotspots in the Balkans: Kosovo and Transnistria

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Asia and the Pacific

The Persosphere


South Asia



World map from Alternate History Wiki.

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