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You can support Alyssa and The Perfumed Void by becoming one of The Perfumed Void’s Patreon patrons. Monthly contributions can be as low as US$1 or as high as you wish, with increasing benefits for higher payments. These benefits are collected here for ease of access.

Patreon logo serving as link to The Perfumed Void's Patreon account.

Initiate of the Void ($1+)

Initiates of the Void receive access to password-protected compilations of my fiction. These are updated as each series advances.

Trans Team Rocket compilation

Doctor Alyssa compilation

Apocalypse of the Week compilation


Novice of the Void ($5+)

Novices of the Void receive access to my custom Cards Against Humanity expansion.

The Perfumed Void Cards Against Humanity expansion


Acolyte of the Void ($10+)

Acolytes of the Void can suggest characters for upcoming fiction or topics for upcoming research. Posts that received such assistance are linked here.


Benefactor of the Void ($30+)

Benefactors of the Void can receive entire short stories tailored to their descriptions, or posts on topics of their choice. Posts that receive such assistance are linked here.


Patron of the Void ($50+)

Headless photo of pre-HRT Alyssa in a red top and black miniskirt, focusing on her legs crossed on the desk in front of her.
Photo from two years pre-HRT, shortly after I started shaving my legs, a bit longer after the onset of regular recreational “cross-dressing.”

Patrons of the Void receive one cheesecake selfie of yours truly each month.


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