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You can support Alyssa and The Perfumed Void by becoming one of The Perfumed Void’s Patreon patrons. Monthly contributions can be as low as US$1 or as high as you wish, with increasing benefits for higher payments. For an up-to-date listing of the benefits of each of my Patreon tiers, visit my Patreon page linked above and below.

Patreon logo serving as link to the Perfumed Void Patreon page.

Initiate of the Void ($1+)

Initiates of the Void receive, among other benefits, access to password-protected compilations of my fiction. These provide more convenient ways to read entire series and are not to be missed.

Trans Team Rocket compilation

Doctor Alyssa compilation

Apocalypse of the Week compilation


Novice of the Void ($5+)

Novices of the Void receive, among other benefits, access to my custom Cards Against Humanity expansion, in addition to the perks of all previous tiers.

The Perfumed Void Cards Against Humanity expansion

You also receive a monthly dramatic reading of me antagonizing the random men who message me on social media using a strange sci-fi persona, such as “serial killer obsessed with collecting human teeth,” “health weirdo who chugs ocelot lymph to gain immortality,” “eldritch horror who lays millions of eggs,” and “swarm of spiders.” For a preview of what these dramatic readings are like, enjoy this one for free.

Headless photo of pre-HRT Alyssa in a red top and black miniskirt, focusing on her legs crossed on the desk in front of her.
Photo from two years pre-HRT. I’m much hotter now.


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