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The author in a black top and white skirt patterned in green, with a Puerto Rican and a Cuban flag in her hair.
Me at the Pulse massacre memorial vigil, staking out a space for us.

Alyssa writes for other web sites, books, and scientific journals, including The Humanist, Expat Focus, Femme Feminism, and Playboy. Additionally, she makes frequent public appearances as a speaker, panelist, and discussion facilitator in her areas of expertise. This page collects those works and appearances. If you are interested in commissioning a piece or public appearance from Alyssa, contact her at [email protected].


My “Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria” Was Anything ButINTO

Of Largest Lineage: My Family’s Queer SecretINTO

Stealth Is Not SafeINTO

What It’s Like Growing Up AutisticFolks

I’m A Trans Woman and I Saw Myself For The First Time In An Old Navy Ad – GO Mag

Exercising While Trans: How I Learned to Stop Lifting and Love MyselfGreatist

Living in London as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Living in Canada as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Living in the Netherlands as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Wanda Maximoff:  A Study in Power and Fear – Femme Feminism

A Trans Woman and a Cis Woman Discuss How to Effectively Reclaim the “P” WordPlayboy

The Dress and the WalletFemme Feminism

Professional FemmeFemme Feminism

Finding Femme en EspañolFemme Feminism

A Humanism for Today Because I, Too, MatterThe Humanist


Public Remarks

Unstick My Heart And Say You’ll Write Me At Last: Turning that one persistent idea into a beginning, a middle, and an end. – Queering Power 2018

Atheism in the Diaspora – OrbitCon

SAEFTY’s Human LibrarySupport and Education for Trans Youth (SAEFTY)

One Girl, Five Queeroes – Algonquin College Student Association Pride Centre

Transgender Possibility PanelCUSA Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

Today We Are CandlesOttawa Trans Day of Remembrance 2017 (Centretown News) (Joycast)

Sensual Massage as Sensory Play – Unholy Harvest 2017

Panelist – Empowering the Trans Community in the Workplace and Beyond

So Am I a Dyke?Ottawa Dyke March 2017

Keynote Address for Violence and Trans Women of Color: The Intersections – CUSA Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

Today We Remember – Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance 2016 (En Español) (Video)

He Came for Me – Ottawa Pulse Memorial Vigil 2016 (En Español)



More Than TransGet Real

Alyssa in a black top with green jewelry and blue makeup.
Taken by Max Denley during the filming of More Than Trans.

TGTF Click – YouTube

TGTF Furiosa – YouTube

Today We Remember – Trans Day of Remembrance 2016 – YouTube


In Books

A Day in Three – Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Being Trans and Autistic is Weird and CommonSpoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Chains of FireSpoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Claire and Clarence – Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Shade Creeper – Postscripts to Darkness 3


Scientific Publications

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