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The author in a black top and white skirt patterned in green, with a Puerto Rican and a Cuban flag in her hair.
Me at the Pulse massacre memorial vigil, staking out a space for us.

Alyssa writes for other web sites, books, and scientific journals, including The Humanist, Expat Focus, Femme Feminism, and Playboy. Additionally, she makes frequent public appearances as a speaker, panelist, and discussion facilitator in her areas of expertise. This page collects those works and appearances. If you are interested in commissioning a piece or public appearance from Alyssa, contact her at [email protected].


My “Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria” Was Anything ButINTO

Of Largest Lineage: My Family’s Queer SecretINTO

Stealth Is Not SafeINTO

What It’s Like Growing Up AutisticFolks

I’m A Trans Woman and I Saw Myself For The First Time In An Old Navy Ad – GO Mag

Exercising While Trans: How I Learned to Stop Lifting and Love MyselfGreatist

Living in London as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Living in Canada as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Living in the Netherlands as a Transgender ExpatExpatFocus

Wanda Maximoff:  A Study in Power and Fear – Femme Feminism

A Trans Woman and a Cis Woman Discuss How to Effectively Reclaim the “P” WordPlayboy

The Dress and the WalletFemme Feminism

Professional FemmeFemme Feminism

Finding Femme en EspañolFemme Feminism

A Humanism for Today Because I, Too, MatterThe Humanist


Public Remarks

Unstick My Heart And Say You’ll Write Me At Last: Turning that one persistent idea into a beginning, a middle, and an end. – Queering Power 2018

Atheism in the Diaspora – OrbitCon

SAEFTY’s Human LibrarySupport and Education for Trans Youth (SAEFTY)

One Girl, Five Queeroes – Algonquin College Student Association Pride Centre

Transgender Possibility Panel – CUSA Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

Today We Are CandlesOttawa Trans Day of Remembrance 2017 (Centretown News) (Joycast)

Sensual Massage as Sensory Play – Unholy Harvest 2017

Panelist – Empowering the Trans Community in the Workplace and Beyond

So Am I a Dyke?Ottawa Dyke March 2017

Keynote Address for Violence and Trans Women of Color: The Intersections – CUSA Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

Today We Remember – Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance 2016 (En Español) (Video)

He Came for Me – Ottawa Pulse Memorial Vigil 2016 (En Español)



More Than TransGet Real

Alyssa in a black top with green jewelry and blue makeup.
Taken by Max Denley during the filming of More Than Trans.

TGTF Click – YouTube

TGTF Furiosa – YouTube

Today We Remember – Trans Day of Remembrance 2016 – YouTube


In Books

A Day in Three – Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Being Trans and Autistic is Weird and CommonSpoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Chains of FireSpoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Claire and Clarence – Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber

Shade Creeper – Postscripts to Darkness 3


Scientific Publications

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Membranes as possible pacemaker of metabolism in cypriniform fish: does phylogeny matter? 2015. Gonzalez, A; Pagé, B; and Weber, J-M. Journal of Experimental Biology 218:2563-2572.

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