Some Crab Memes to Brighten Your Day

Some days, the inspiration does not come. Some days, none of the things you have been thinking about feel worthy of becoming essays, whether because they seem too obvious, have been written too many times already, are too incomplete to distribute safely, or cross the threshold from shareable musing to private contemplation. After spending a large chunk of today banging my head against that particular brick wall, I have accepted defeat.

So here are some funny captions on pictures of crabs.

A crab looking awkward, captioned "the slowly dawning realization that this house has zero cats and you're going to have to interact with the other people at this party."

A pompom crab looking angry, captioned "when you brought her flowers but it turns out she's an anti-vaxxer."

A male horseshoe crab latched onto a female, captioned "Hello I showed you my genital pores please respond"

A ghost crab being stroked on the belly, captioned "Not yet you'll make me PBBBBBBBBB"

A large crab looking sad captioned "Hello all you happy people."

A close-up image of a crab looking puzzled captioned "Wot in carcinization"
A brightly colored cheerful-looking crab captioned "i'm baby"
The same brightly colored crab, now captioned "I am no longer baby I want power"
The same brightly colored crab again, this time captioned "Peace was never an option."

And finally, 
A ghost crab retreating into its burrow, captioned "Welp, that's enough Internet for one day. Back to the no-internet hole where I can shed my entire eyeballs and forget I ever saw that."
May these images serve you well in your quest to amuse your friends and confuse your loved ones. Carcinization comes for us all, even your humble correspondent.

Some Crab Memes to Brighten Your Day

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