Four Months Later: How is Recovery?

I had facial feminization surgery and breast augmentation on 28 January this year. Recovery from these procedures is a long process, even if the worst of it is over in the first few weeks. I already reported on the immediate aftermath and on two months later, so, how are two additional months treating me?

  • My scalp has been regaining sensation. The region at the top of my head in which sensation has been reduced since surgery has gone from almost completely numb, to furiously itchy, to just having less sensation than it did before, and it continues to both slowly shrink and to regain sensation.
  • It looks like I am most likely in for a long-term result that includes hair loss on my forehead incision, in particular the portions of it that are within my existing hair on the sides of my head. The thinned hair in that area is noticeable for those who know what to look for. Although hair has grown through some of my scar tissue at the front of the incision, where the incision scar itself is visible on my forehead, this does not seem to be happening on the sides, or if it is, it’s much less. I can endure this, but I have to keep it in mind when I wear my hair up.
  • I had an infection within the forehead incision for a week or so, which looked to be a whitehead until I drained it a few times. It was ultimately of no consequence but left me concerned.
  • My frontal sinus now behaves no differently than it did before surgery, and I can sneeze without difficulty.
  • I have regained mobility in my eyebrows, although the left one is still harder to move than the right.
  • The blood in my sclera cleared long ago.
  • I have been wearing a professionally-sized bra during most days ever since I became sure that my size was no longer in flux, and my body has appreciated this assistance in keeping my new breasts supported. I have also been wearing a sports bra at night. I notice a little soreness if I go long periods without wearing either, such as when the day’s outfit is a dress that looks best without a bra.
  • I no longer experience discomfort when manipulating my breasts, such as pushing them closer to each other, which is helpful for considering my wardrobe possibilities in the future.
  • I realized that part of my breast augmentation surgery involved lowering my inframammary fold on both sides, which has resulted in an impressive improvement to my overall breast shape and in moving my bra band to a narrower part of my torso, leading to a smaller band size.
  • I can look at old photos and identify the differences between my old face and the new, and my satisfaction with my new features has only grown.

At this stage, I consider my recovery virtually complete. The main thing left is for the sensation in my scalp to fully return and for any further changes in my hair regrowth pattern to manifest themselves. This surgery has continued to be much easier on me than some of my previous medical experiences, and I am glad I was able to make it happen. I hope this retrospective is useful to others who are considering it.

Four Months Later: How is Recovery?