You Deserve to Live at Your Full Size

Do not make yourself smaller for a partner.

Do not shrink the effusiveness or radius of your affections.

Do not restrain the exuberance of your passions.

Do not permit them to sever pieces of your social circle, not even if they imagine those people are “competition.”

Do not flatten your mind to make a softer landscape for their ego.

Do not regress your growth because they refuse their own.

Do not accept their conquest of what makes you, you.

You deserve better.

You deserve to live at your full size.


And if you would lay your fetters upon someone you claim to love,

If you would enclose their world in shells and walls

Or drain their verve with jeers and derision

If their success sets your fears racing

If you would blot out the other stars in their sky

Out of fear that they might smile at any light but yours

If you would dim their light until only you can see its glow

Then it shall be their quest

To snap your chains, break your walls

And ascend to the heights that you denied them

Because you thought that love could be possession

And will yet learn that it cannot be a cage

But must always be

A partnership.

Entrapta, a woman with purple hair in large pigtails and red eyes wearing a stained workman's outfit, with her arms outstretched and expression heavy with emotion.

You Deserve to Live at Your Full Size