Highlights from the Void, 2017

As the surreal hellscape of 2017 winds to a close, it’s time to look back on the past year of blogging and pick out some high points my dear readers might have missed. So, for your enjoyment, here are ten of Alyssa’s proudest creations of 2017.

Stealth is Not Safe – On disappearing into pretend cis-ness and all the danger that remains.

Give Me Your Girlhood – Meditating on an emotional reaction to transmasculine people.

Treize Khushrenada You Beautiful Asshole: Gundam Wing in the Age of Fascism – On Gundam Wing’s plot and how it serves as a useful mirror to our own.

What Narcissists Taught Me about Talking to Allistic People – Some secrets for communicating with the non-autistic, learned by getting emotionally abused for decades.

Eyes on the Future, Heart in the PastTrans Team Rocket’s Jessie and Jane confront Team Rocket once again, and old friends are reunited.

Don’t Call It Privilege: The Tangled Mess of Pre-Transition Passing – On the grotesquery of people claiming that trans women ever had access to “male privilege.”

Adspirational – An ode to advertising aimed at teenage girls, and what it still means for this emotionally wounded trans woman.

Life of the MindDoctor Alyssa helps a body-hopping intelligence escape her abusive mentor.

Cuba-Rican Gothic – A surreal take on Cuban and Puerto Rican family tropes.

Today We Are Candles – My speech for Ottawa’s Trans Day of Remembrance vigil, 2017.


See 2017 off right, with las doce uvas de la suerte and a meander through Alyssa’s greatest hits.

Highlights from the Void, 2017

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    2017 in my life will be remembered as the year in which I left the United States. I’m currently in Canada attending graduate school, and so far I have utterly no regrets.

    I’ve enjoyed following your writing since I first stumbled upon it on The Orbit, and I’ll look forward to reading more of your creations in the new year.

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