Wherein I Catfish an Irish Chaser Named Niall Corbally

CN ableism in quoted messages

I don’t often check my “filtered messages” on Facebook. I don’t get many, and by the time I get around to remembering the secret extra inboxes Facebook helpfully uses as a preemptive trash bin, many of the people messaging me there have already had their accounts disabled on account of being spambots. It’s a short queue of “Facebook User” interspersed with men from overseas asking outrageous things of me.

Which brings me to Niall Corbally, the drift-race enthusiast and proud Tweeter who decided that messaging overseas trans lesbians to get them to perform sexual violence upon his gonads was a good use of his time. This is the message he sent me at the beginning of the month, that I found earlier today:

Screenshot of message Niall Corbally sent me on 1 August 2016.
“My name is Niall Corbally 24 from Ireland im looking for a long term relationship if you are interested please text me back and for some very strange reason I like it when a women kicks are stands on my balls in high heels hmmmmmmmmmmmmm weird right would you like to do that to me hun?”

Most of my junked messages aren’t nearly this graphic, so Niall Corbally’s overture led to a dear, magnificently-bearded associate of mine to make him some offers.

Screenshot of message thread between Niall Corbally and my associate, part 1 of 12
Associate: I mean, I’m not a Canadian lesbian, but I can totally stand on your junk in high-heels, if you’re so desperate as to look across the ocean for it.
Niall Corbally: Who is this?
Associate: Someone who is aware that you bothered a lesbian aaaaall the way in Canada to try to get her to stand on your junk in high heels. I’m just trying to do you a solid, man, and stand on your junk in high heels. I’m sure we can come to mutually agreeable terms.
Niall Corbally: Lo u still haven’t answered my question who are u
Associate: Obviously. And I’m someone who can be convinced to stand on your junk in high heels—among other things—which is apparently what you’re looking for.
Niall Corbally: Thank but Im looking for a transgender who actually looks like a woman hey and that’s not u
Associate: Well, I’m NB, and can /certainly/ shave to cater to your fetish. Although I must wonder about the ethicality of soliciting people on facebook out of the blue but—that isn’t something that bothered you; I’m sure you’ll extend me the same courtesy.

So far, we know Niall Corbally here is a chaser, specifically fond of femme trans women to such a degree that he’ll solicit their services overseas without even noticing the “Engaged” in their relationship status. One rather doubts that he expects to pay for any virtual ball-busting he might eventually receive. But my associate and I extracted our price anyway. After all…

Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time speaking his catchphrase in a disingenuous bow.
“All magic comes at a price, dearie!”

To wit:

Screenshot of conversation between Niall Corbally and my associate, part 2 of 12
Niall Corbally: Well I haven’t seen what you look like as a woman hey
Associate: Now, we can of course begin laying out the scene whenever you’re ready, but we really should discuss the small matter of *payment* before getting too carried away. Honestly, the number of you sending off dick picks before even confirming what’s in y’all’s price range is /adorable/
Niall Corbally: Lol u texting me out of the blue asking for dick pics when I haven’t seen what you look like as a woman hey lol
Associate: Oh! I wasn’t asking for them—I was remarking how quick people like you are to send them off. After all, asking someone for something so personal out of the clear blue sky would be crass and improper—and you, of course, would stand for no such thing. You are, of course, a classier john than that.
Niall Corbally: Lol believe what you want hey lol
Associate: Well, it’s all rather beside point—which is that you’re soliciting people to stand on your junk in heels, and I am willing to provide such a service, as femme as you’d like.
Niall Corbally: And why are u deciding to do it when I never asked u to?
Associate: I can think of at least one person who could ask you the same question. I’m sure our answers would be fairly similar.
Niall Corbally: Really who?

Mr. Corbally’s education in how to talk about trans people is woefully lacking. “What u look like as a woman,” indeed. I don’t feel bad about what comes next.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 3 of 12
Associate: The Canadian lesbian you messaged out of the blue in the first place.
Niall Corbally: What’s her name
Associate: Oh! Are there so many that they all blend together? Then it doesn’t’ matter which. Besides, you’re a cutie and I’d like to extend the service—and you actually *want* someone to stand on your junk in high heels! That’s more than any of the women you’ve messaged can say about what you’ve sent.
Niall Corbally: Yea but I don’t know what u look like as a woman and if I get that pic then we can talk more
Associate: Well. I’ll see what I can do. Of course, I’d rather not just give it away for free. I’ll happily trade
Niall Corbally: Trade for what hey
Associate: Well, your face I’m reasonably certain of.
Niall Corbally: Ok
Associate: So, something…lower might be in order. I think I’d like an idea of what I’ll be prancing on.
Niall Corbally: Ok
Associate: Whenever you’re ready to send.

My associate is a master of sassy deflection. Niall Corbally is clever enough to try to figure out who I am, but not clever enough to see the rest of this scene unfolding in advance, or to figure out how gross it is to weigh his prospective scene partner’s cis-passing in such blatant terms. This is where the catfishing really takes off.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 4 of 12
Niall Corbally: [blurry dick pic] Well??
Associate: Oh, lovely—uncut, but blurry and without a view of your balls. Let’s see what that’s worth… [photo of my pretty, pretty feet]
I’m not sharing the images of me used here, however innocuous they are on their own. Rest assured, I have truly delightful feet. If you’re my Facebook friend, you can find the photos yourself.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 5 of 12
Niall Corbally: I said a pic of what you look like as a woman hey [another blurry dick pic]
Associate: Technically, it is. I’m matching the quality of pics. When I say I want to see what I’ll be prancing on, I mean /all/ of it, with a steady hand.
My associate drives a hard bargain. Let’s see how Niall Corbally responds.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 6 of 12
Niall Corbally: [picture of Niall Corbally’s scrotum that my associate tells me is great] Associate: Better! I’ll have to reward your better effort. Niall Corbally: Ok Associate: Goodness, to get a view of your bait and tackle (as it were) as clear as that last ball pic, I’d have to go all out. So far, I think you deserve…hm…a summer look? [photo of me from behind in a brown crop top with black trim and a patterned brown-and-black skirt] But not /too/ summery
This is where Niall Corbally starts losing his shit mid-sentence and otherwise behaving erratically, and where my associate begins pulling the rug out.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 7 of 12
Niall Corbally: So what hey u looking to just stand on my balls hey
Associate: If that’s all you want, I guess that’s all you’ll get. If you want more, you’ll have to ask me nicely 😉
Niall Corbally: [uses Facebook Call to try to video chat with my associate]
Associate: Oh ho ho ho! That’s not asking, dear—but I am intrigued by your boldness.
Niall Corbally: Its not Christmas lol
Associate: I’ll bite—what are you wanting?
Niall Corbally: Lol yea I might be bad 😉 but I do love racing. And I don’t have a race until 2 hours so we can talk are if u wanna bite 😉
Associate: Alright, I’ll bite. What do you want to talk about? If nothing else, what do you race?
Screenshot of conversation between Niall Corbally and my associate, part 8 of 12
Niall Corbally: Lol 😉 I race cares hun drift and street race
Associate: That’s so exciting!
Niall Corbally: [Facebook Like / thumbs-up] Yea
Associate: So, why trans women in particular?
Niall Corbally: Why not hun some are really gorges smart and funny
Associate: You don’t seem to be interested in that aspect so much
Niall Corbally: I am. I don’t do much talking because I race a lot hun so it might seem that way
Associate: If that’s the case, why send messages like this? [sends Niall Corbally a copy of the message he sent me]

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 9 of 12
Niall Corbally: Why not hey
Associate: And seriously, setting aside where the hell your manners were, why—if you’re so interested in intellect and humor—are your messages so incoherent?
Niall Corbally: Yea, I guess I left my geart in my other pants that day lol
Associate: You were an asshole is what you were
Niall Corbally: Yea sure if im really an asshole then why text me hun
Associate: To turn your unwanted advances back on you
Niall Corbally: Really lol
Associate: And you damn well knew it, too
Niall Corbally: Yea lol
Associate: But I wasn’t expecting you to be pathetic enough to ignore the heavily-laid shaming and—instead of taking the point that maybe you should interact with people like a sensible person—you went after obvious bait. It’s a pity, really. You’re attractive with a decent cock, and you’ve decided to waste it by being an utterly contemptible asshole. And now you’re here, trying to connect with the queer demiguy one of the people you harassed enlisted to fuck with you. All of this could have been avoided by being a decent person. Oh well—

This seeping asshole didn’t even have the decency to remember that message! I’m insulted, and also blown away at how casually he brushes off its rudeness with “why not lol.” Even weirder, after this display of callous, cheerful douchebaggery, he now goes for a pity party.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 10 of 12
Niall Corbally: Ok now im lost lol. If I harnessed you then why bother texting me like yea I know Im an asshole and all but I don’t try to be one I just race to make some money and Im berley on facebook like so yea Im a junkie asshole u happy. I stopped giving a dam when my mother past so yea I don’t care what people think of me hey
Associate: You harassed a friend of mine. I don’t really care that you’re a junkie, or that your mother passed. I care that you send revolting messages that you damn well know won’t do anything to get what you claim to want instead of acting like a sensible person and treating the people you message like people.
Niall Corbally: How the fuck did I threaten them like I didn’t threaten anyone so someone’s lieing ther hey
Associate: No one said anything about threats. Sending sexually explicit messages out of the blue is still harassment. As I know you grasped at the beginning of this exchange.
Niall Corbally: Yea right whatever hey lol
Associate: You can “whatever hey lol” as much as you’d like. Most of the women you try that shit on don’t respond well to it, so surely you’ve managed to figure out that “for one very strange reason I like it when a woman kicks are stands on my balls in high heels hmmmmmmmmmmmmm weird right” entices no one and is wanted by no one.
Niall Corbally: Lol is that all
Associate: Idk Niall Corbally, /is/ it?
Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 11 of 12
Niall Corbally: Im amazed why you got involved over a stupid message like Im laughing my ass of here its just one message build a bridge and get over it lol
Associate: And you were roundly mocked for it. Because it was uninvited—she’s in a relationship, not interested, across the ocean, and already has to deal with chasers who see her as a fetish toy, and you decide that wow, she really needs to hear about *your* fetish. And then I decided to fuck with you and laugh at your complete lack of self-awareness when you’d complain about not wanting my attention.
Niall Corbally: Lol really that’s cool did u have fun lol
Associate: Honestly? Not after I realized what a damn sad-sack you actually are. At some point, it’s just cruel.
Niall Corbally: Awwwwwww thanks il take that as a compliment lol
Associate: Man, whatever gets you through the day.
Niall Corbally: Yea and today its racing wow I really loved this chat lol anything else before I go get new tyres for me car
Associate: 1) Decent cock, maybe be less of a thoughtless asshole; 2) Enjoy this coming up when people google your name!

This dude is pathetic.

Screenshot of conversation between my associate and Niall Corbally, part 12 of 12
Niall Corbally: Noted but u do know u post dirty shit on Google u do know u might one be arrested are u might not have any Internet wise choice goodluck lol
Associate: Oh man, you wish I’d be posting the dirty shit. No one’ll see your cock. They’ll see your words instead.
Niall Corbally: Yea that’s cool lol

And, with the blessing provided in that last comment, here is the story of how Niall Corbally sexually harassed me and got catfished by a demiguy on my behalf, and then had his fuckery displayed for all the world to see.

May this be all Google ever has to say about you, Niall Corbally.

Wherein I Catfish an Irish Chaser Named Niall Corbally

31 thoughts on “Wherein I Catfish an Irish Chaser Named Niall Corbally

    1. 1.1

      I agree with what u said and they did Not have my concent to put this up there for what they are doing is illegal and bulling towards me they have also based a movie on my lifestyle its called A DATE WITH MAD MARY i get bullied by going into town people shouting at me and i will be deleting Facebook never to return im Not doing this to be famous never have and all i would like is for all this to end and go away seariously this Kind of bulling drives people towards suiside i belive in second chances and Hope we all can get this removed thank you

  1. 2

    Niall, I do not believe for one second that any of those words are true.

    It’s been two years. You harassed a stranger based on her marginalizations. She retaliated. Take this learning opportunity. Be a better person instead of a sad lying obsessive who likes harassing strange women on the Internet.

    And, most of all, go the fuck away. One would imagine that the treatment you got last time you intruded in my space with nonsense would have been enough.

  2. 3

    Come one. People Commit murder and you’re worried about this guy? This article is a joke. Call him pathetic? The editor here is the one that is pathetic.

    1. 3.1

      You think I’m worried about him? That’s cute.

      You think the existence of a worse problem somewhere in the world means it’s wrong to ever notice the lesser ones? You’re ridiculous, and if you’ve ever been upset about someone getting your coffee order wrong, you’re also a hypocrite and a liar.

      Careful, now. Insulting the blog author is a bannable offense.

      1. If you’re the victim and you get a response over facebook like this from Niall looking for sexual pleasures. Why the hell did you or whoever respond to him and let him go on? Ignoring or Blocking him would have been a better option. Keys to avoiding “internet harassment”. Not my fault You and or the victim decided to respond to him. Just Saying. You gave in. Truth is truth let it convict you. Are you from Ireland by any chance or is this victim from the same country this Niall fellow? JUst curious? Because myself personally. I dont respond or add people over facebook outside of the country of Canada unless I personally met them of course

        1. The answers to your questions, responses to your asinine suggestions, and corrections to the facts you’ve gotten wrong are already in the article and will not be repeated here.

  3. 4

    You say it’s not true then look it up a date for mad Mary or if you want another one look up on Netflix can’t cope won’t cope it’s because shit like this stops people from getting a job and it’s also a way of bullying to why people committing suicide you don’t believe me look it up I was only internet trolling at the time you can Evan ask any of my friends

    1. 4.1

      There’s no such thing as “only Internet trolling.” You don’t get a free pass on being an asshole just because you’re an asshole for fun. If anything, that’s WORSE.

      Why would I want to talk to people who would be friends with someone who sexually harasses trans women on the Internet? They sound gross, like you.

      If the fact that you sexually harassed a trans woman on the Internet leads to you never working again because everyone who would hire you rightly recognizes you as someone who shouldn’t be around their customers, then my efforts have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Very few sexual harassers see any kind of justice, so knowing that you’re one of the few brings warm feelings to my heart. Thank you for this pick-me-up on a very busy day!

  4. 5

    I was doing some internet trolling a while back in 2016 fake flirting with transgender women and then it turned into a argument she said I was harassing her now if you look closely into it she got her friends to text me and then they put it up on Google search for my name and it will show up when I asked her to take it down she refused now I can’t get a job anywhere what do I do lol I bet she exploits people she Evan works with who knows maybe we can contact her boss at the hospital to see if he/she knows about this maybe she will lose her job who knows

  5. 6

    I’m sorry if you took that as a harassment message I didn’t know how to properly I was looking for a girlfriend/ mistress now I watch alot of news and I’ll answer any questions they have so il try and answer them the best way I know how the reason I was sending the messages was because of this (2) I never asked anyone to hurt anybody else but me (3) does this make me suicidal (4) I’m currently in a relationship now and saving up money to see her (5) is using your legal phone illegal I just want a normal life and start doing YouTube videos without any embarrassment of this page still being up if you have any questions feel free to text me at niall [email protected]

    1. 6.1

      Is there a language barrier at work here that I don’t know about? You’re largely incoherent.

      “I was looking for a girlfriend/mistress,” so you decided to Facebook-message far-away strangers with detailed sexual fantasies, and establish a Twitter account devoted to same? You’re a REALLY bad liar, Niall.

      I’m going to make one thing perfectly clear, Niall:
      NO ONE owes it to you to make it easier to hide the things you’ve done wrong. If your new girlfriend thinks better of being around you because you make a hobby of harassing trans women on the Internet with graphic sexual fantasies, well, she’s correct to do so, and it’s her right. If your prospective employers find having someone like you associated with them embarrassing, well, that’s YOUR problem. Find people willing to tolerate someone like you. Find partners who accept whatever ridiculous explanation you care to invent for having this attached to your name. Do better than wishing I’d help you lie to them that this never happened.

      Because you’d have to pay me a LOT of money for me to think that letting a creep like you not experience the continuous cleansing light of day is the right thing to do.

  6. 7

    Alyssa, you’re a total [misogynist slur]. You wanna ruin this man’s life because if a mistake he made. Props to You, you spiteful SJW, I’m gonna expose you for your evil hatred.

    1. 7.1

      It was a mistake on several levels, yes. Morally, it was an utterly disgusting action that should never have occurred to him. Practically, it was never going to get him what he wanted. And most of all, he did it to me, and I am not afraid of grotesqueries like you who think that creeps like Niall should have the help of the people they have harassed in covering up that harassment so that other people they deal with don’t know what they’re getting into.

      Expose me? I wasn’t aware I was hiding. Please, expose away.

      And if repeating yourself a few more times rather than comprehending seems like a good use of your time, please, repeat away. I’ll be bored of you soon enough, and then you’ll stop getting through moderation.

    1. 8.1

      If gross Status Quo Warriors who think exposing harassment that they’ve received counts as bullying think I’m a bully, I’m doing something right. Thank you for this honor. I hardly deserve such lavish praise <3

  7. 9

    But here’s the thing in one of your comments you said I should pay u alot of money lol now that’s what I find funny because it sounds like blackmail pay me to take it down or get arrested that’s blackmail lol pay u with what I don’t have a job because of this page lol u just want me to be in jail because what your thinking is Ohhh one less poor lad to put away that’s what this is isn’t it don’t lie

    1. 9.1

      Who’s getting who arrested?

      I don’t give a shit what happens to you as long as people know you’re a creep who likes harassing trans women on the internet with graphic sexual fantasies. Frankly, even if you did decide to bribe me into protecting you from your own misdeeds, I wouldn’t take this down.

      GO. AWAY.



      I’m not going to do it for you.

      GO AWAY.

  8. 10

    Well il have to report u on extortion because u already said that I should pay u alot of money hey il talk to me lawyer tomorrow and see what is going to happen

    1. 10.1

      The least plausible part of that lie is the part where you have a lawyer you can see on short notice.

      Go be scum somewhere else. You’re boring.

  9. 11

    Extortion for refusing to take a bribe? What an odd crime. I’m still surprised people harass under their real names. I remember reading an exchange where a lady that was being creeped on then verbally abused for declining had sent his words to his mom on facebook. What does a drift racing enthusiast expect?

    1. 11.1

      For me to take pity on him for the tragedy of him experiencing consequences for being a creep, it seems.

      As the follow-up article indicates, he picked the wrong target if he expects that 😛

  10. 12

    They think I’m on drugs il do a drug test to prove I’m not on drugs they think I’m homosexual and yet I’m dating a transgender woman they think I spend all my time up late I’m not I go to a course on Monday and Wednesday reading writing maths and computers I was saving up money to rent a place I got 590 saved up 50 a week if you really want to know more just ask

    1. 12.1

      I don’t really want to know anything else about you, except insofar as more details can make it even harder for you to pretend that this post and its successor aren’t about you 🙂

  11. 13

    Hi there I am Nialls older brother. Though I defo didnt need to know about my brothers sex life or his preferences. Still though your not the victim here and neither is my brother your honestly both as bad as each other as far as I can tell.

    you could have blocked him or ignored him after the first comment or message he sent you. Instead YOU CHOOSE to RESPOND to him. you kept it going and so did he back and fourth with the responses so your both as bad as each other. as for the cock photo ((thank god its censored on here dont want to see that lol)) you too were also pressing for it sending him picture of your feet and edging him on stating “I want to see what I will be prancing on” and such. is my brother to blame for this convo you had with him yes however YOU kept it going YOU egged him on and YOUR the one acting as if your some victim of harassment yet its clear from the chat log it went BOTH ways ((only he didnt know you were taking the piss out of him and saw it as foreplay so to speak))

    and judging by one of the posts on here about him stating you asked for bribes ((which I am not sure is true or not as I see no evidence of that in your post on here)) but blackmailing him for money to take this thing down I am pretty sure is illegal. again I dont know if its true or not.

    now is your post stopping my brother getting a job? no I highly doubt your post would stop him getting a job. He just doesn’t have the qualifications and the experience in certain fields.

    also as you know hes not from the country you live in as I am sure our laws are different then yours are. as for the lawyer remark he made yes lawyers are free over here in Ireland its called LEGAL AID the council or government provides you with one ((Lawyer)) if you cant afford one on your own.

    As for what you said about exposing my brother for the scum he is or creep or whatever for the sexual harassment anyone can that isn’t a moron can see that the convo went both ways and that this isn’t sexual harassment.


    so stop acting like your a victim of sexual harassment try living in a middle eastern country I am sure you will see first hand what sexual harassment really is over there. Your BOTH as bad as each other.

    1. 13.1

      You’ll need more words than that to convince me you aren’t Niall’s new alter-ego.

      Anyway, you haven’t said anything that I haven’t already addressed, and your suggestion that other people have “real” problems and therefore Niall’s actions are excusable is gross.

      By way of reminder, “Do Not Bore Me” is one of the rules for commenting on this site, and boring me is a bannable offense. Do keep that in mind.

  12. 14

    well I am not here to prove to you who I am. You have a post up when my brother is now dead. check it on rip.ie if you dont believe me you have his full name and its rip.ie.

    you cant win a argument against me so you try to threaten me with the whole banning crap. Shows that you are not mature enough to handle your own fights and resort to petty threats.

    I dont NEED you to ADRESS anything I gave my opinion on this whole farce and what I THINK about YOU claiming to be a victim. The guys dead and you STILL have THIS up here? If you dont bother to take it down then that says ALOT about you as a person and shows you cant let this go even if the other is dead.

    Now I wont be replying to this again its sick and appalling behavior not just from my brother but also from YOU aswell.

    1. 14.1

      Approving this comment just because I find it very, very funny that someone would ask ME, who publicly insults dead right-wing politicians while sharing their obituaries, to take down evidence of someone’s transgressions because I have it on another person’s word that they have died.

      To say nothing of how this person apparently thinks I monitor Irish death-notice sites just in case it turns out that numpty who harassed me over a year ago might be on them? Really?

      I owe you nothing. Do not benight my doorstep again. The less activity you create on this post, the lower its Google rank will descend. Do not bore me.

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