A Curated Selection of Abattoir Drippings: My Spam Folder, Screencapped and Mocked

CN pretty much every kind of bigoted abuse but mostly racist, instructions to suicide, MRAs/libertarians/edgelords being themselves.

As expected, answering 27 Questions has induced a steady influx of anti-humanist nonsense into my comments queue.  I’m better prepared than most to receive this onslaught, because I’ve watched this happen to people far more important and interesting than me for a long time, I’ve read what the various subsets of atheist dirtbag are about, and I feel no need to let them get close enough to get under my skin. They have no surprises for me, and nothing to say that far more articulate bigots haven’t said before. They can whine endlessly about how, in this heat, taking away their freeze-peach is a super mean thing to do, the kind of thing only a crate of hippos would dare make standard policy, and I can look at the other things in my spam folder and derive amusement from the idea that they think I’ll ever take them seriously.

Y’all are dangerous, not interesting. Understanding yourselves is a big step toward becoming better people, and I’m glad I could help.

With that in mind, this comment stuck out at me for how impressively it missed all the points.

My face at your shenanigans.
My face at your shenanigans.

Screenshot of item in spam folder
“Statistically likely and CONFIRMED that they’re rapists….? What statistics and where? And how so very collectivist of you to judge someone on ‘statistical likelihood’ rather than who they are or the content of their character.
Here’s a statistic for you! Nearly half of all homicides are committed by African Americans despite them comprising only 13 percent of the total population. Should I run in fear of you based on this Bureau of Justice statistic of your race or shoud I judge you by who you? Don’t you see how dangerous it is to lump everyone who disagrees with you in a category and just dismiss them out of hand based on what you consider ‘statistical likelihood’ (even though you haven’t produced any kind of evidence to back up your claim at all)?
Also ‘anti-humanist rhetoric’. Where and how? Accusations can be thrown by anyone, Alyssa. How about displaying some proof to your arguments? You did go out of your way to respond to each person in the video after all. Or am I just a ” reprehensible shitwaffle” trying to “bait” you, and therefore am unworthy of an answer or you backing up your claims?
Need I remind you that you posted this response to the video. You opened the door to discussion when you decided you wanted to comment on what people you disagreed with had to say. Please have the sense of character not to backpedal, censor, and delete honest responses when you started this. It just would show you’re incapable of arguing on a level playing field and want an echo chamber to promote your narrative without allowing for any rebuttal. Say what you want of the ‘shitwaffles’ above– but at least you can go to their videos and the comment sections are open to all.

First things first, Gobwomble: It’s very Edgelord of you to think that me saying something on the Internet means that I’ve “opened the door to discussion.” I have opened no such door. In fact, you can be quite sure I’ve kept it firmly shut, given that your comment did not and will not get past moderation. Nothing I post is the beginning of a “conversation,” least of all the many, many occasions when I encounter lists of questions posed by duplicitous canker sores in human guise and answer them for my and others’ amusement and edification. I do not start conversations here. I end them.

Do you know what this article was actually for, Gimblepus? It’s so that, next time someone runs into an MRA, Randian, Edgelord, alt-right racist, libertarian, anti-feminist, or other variety of right-wing atheist asking similar questions, they don’t have to compose their own answers. It’s to collect answers to these questions all in one place, framed by the questions exactly how people like you like to ask them, for fun and utility. If it was here for a conversation, I’d have directly linked it to human spirochete TJ Kincaid/Kirk and his fellow destructive influences, and I’d be addressing each of you in turn, and I’d otherwise be subjecting myself to exactly what you and 20 other denizens of the dank underbelly wish I’d open myself up to: caring what you think enough for your abuse to hurt.

As you yourself say, what the atheist movement’s right wing has to say is already out there, plain as day. So, I have absolutely nothing to gain from engaging with you directly, and neither do any of the readers I actually like, care about, and want to retain.

I do appreciate you breaking out Randian buzzwords like “collectivist” while trying to convince me that the people at hand aren’t right-wing, though. This is most convenient.

As for the other claims…black people are a hugely disproportionate fraction of the people sentenced for non-white-collar crimes in the United States because it is way easier to get cops to arrest, lawyers to plea-bargain, and juries to convict black defendants. This is a combination of racism encouraging police officers and others to see black people (and especially black men) as particularly suspicious and dangerous, racism making sure that black people are disproportionately unable to not rely on public defenders whose primary goal is to secure a plea bargain so they can move on to their next client, and racism making sure that juries assume any black person in a courtroom probably did something, regardless of whether they’re guilty of the crime at hand. To find people making the case that people of African descent are innately more criminal, check your favorite alt-right site that proudly features a Confederate flag in its banner. I know you have one.

TJK/TAA regularly threatens people with rape, dismisses the validity of most rapes as such, encourages abusive attitudes toward women, and consorts with Definitely a Rapist Thunderf00t. Moreover, he’s a man in the West, and a disturbing fraction of Western men are quite comfortable with securing sex from women that those women do not wish to share with them. While I 100% cannot be arsed to check whether someone has accused him of rape in a publicly accessible way, mostly because I know what happens to publicly identifiable women who accuse known serial harassers of sex crimes, it would surprise me much more to learn that this man, who deliberately tries to induce PTSD symptoms in rape survivors, hasn’t violated someone. Relatedly, RationalWiki has a pretty good summary of TJK/TAA’s anti-humanist rhetoric, but you really could just ask him, since he’s quite open about being anti-feminist and therefore against the precepts of humanism.

This playing field is quite level. I have no desire to enter your space, or any other anti-humanist space, and start fights there, and I shan’t let you do the same. Exactly fair. Respond in your own space, if you must, where I will probably ignore you. Besides, we both know you don’t actually respect me, and I respect you even less.

I mean, you consort with these people:

Screenshot of three comments in spam folder.
“Well…you’re quite the brainwashed little twit, aren’t you?”
“4-Chan.org magic ;)”
“[several comments of nonsense characters presumably meant to make shapes, maybe?]”
And these people:

Screenshot of comment in spam folder.
“Fuck n*****s!”
Screenshot of comment in spam folder
“Actually white men have appropriate influence you are in our countries following our systems without us you wouldnt have rights to start with. If you hate living in a country with a majority of white men then why dont you try and live in africa or another shitty continent?”


Screenshot of four comments in spam folder
From username “Barack Obama” – “Poop”
“omg you call this a respone…..what the actual fuck you are just nitpicking methaphors and spin around the meaning of the words in the questions…. this is not a response but a worsd analisis
ps why do you suport leftist ideas when comunism killed more ppl than the 2 world wars?”
“Of course you can’t handle an outside thought because your a protected class who can’t take any criticism. You live in a safe space where you’r thoughts are not challenged. Well it doesn’t matter this comment will problem get deleted so I will prove that you’r all little children who can’t be wrong or you have a hissy fit”
“This is literally cancer. It’s so sad to see privileged girls in America who get the same pay, rights, and jobs as men, say how there oppressed like women in Iran, Afghanistan, Niger (it’s a country look it up), and Somalia.”


I’m well aware of both the atrocities of Communism and the country of Niger, thanks.

Screenshot of three comments in my spam folder.
Username N1gg0r F@gg0t Dyk3: “This is retarded you don’t really answer any of these points. Not to mention that you don’t even understand some of them, yet respond anyway. Also as an Asian I feel compelled to appropriate Negro-Demi-Colored Culture, and say Nigga as much as I want. This comment probs won’t stay here cause of censorship but if anyone wants to know the last question is…
“Have you guys tried this shit yet?”
*picks up bleach
“It’s great!”
plz drink it. bye”
“You do realize that not a single one of the people in this video could remotely be described as “right-wing” right?”
“God damn you people are fucking retarded”


I mean, really, the 1/3 of you who keep trying to tell me that the MRA/edgelord/Randian/libertarian/right-wing-in-all-but-name subset of the atheist community is worth engaging with directly ought to be embarrassed by the company you’re keeping. That’s racism, ableism, misogyny, and homophobia, in a handful of comments, scattered between people trying to tell me that the people who asked those 27 questions are just trying for “reasonable dialogue.” We even got one reprising the instructions to suicide that ended the original video, and instructing me to make use of them.

Absolutely, these are people worth engaging with. Not a doubt.

What I need you to understand, Gumwoob, is that the people asking those 27 questions? They’re a lot more like the asshole who made their username out of slurs that get shouted during violent hate crimes than they are like me, in approach, politics, and how interesting I find them. They’re involved in passionate hate campaigns against a whole series of people I care about, they advocate violence against people like me, and they work against recognition of the social ills that left-leaning politics is premised on solving.

And I feel no need whatsoever to split libertarian/incoherent hairs to attempt to absolve TAA of his fundamentally conservative thinking, engage with people who think telling me to kill myself is a reasonable thing to do under any circumstances, or who think that the existence of women whose lot is worse than mine means I shouldn’t hope or want better for me.

You lot are not worth my time.

But every now and then, it amuses me to let you show your asses this way.

A Curated Selection of Abattoir Drippings: My Spam Folder, Screencapped and Mocked

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    I always find it interesting when these folks talk about free flow of discussion and allowing open dialogue( instead of removing these remarks they should be challenge instead) as if the opinion they hold are as research and supported as the ones that are shown in many soc-jus circles. Yet time and time again when they open their mouths all you here is unsupported and unresearched opinions that devolve to no worst then whiny. It like people who want to disagree with the Theory of Evolution, but never once research anything about it, in the same way you can always hear it when they talk that they know jack shit, but want to be taken so seriously.

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    The one that made me snort in disbelief is the “white men are a majority in this country” comment. Uh, no? That’s [ridiculous] and wrong. Even if it wasn’t it’s problematic, of course, but I’m pretty sure white guys only make up about 30% of the American population.

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