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If you listened to this week’s episode of The Humanist Hour, you know that I support Skepticon. I’ve spoken there. I’ve run a workshop there for free each year they’ve offered them, and last year and this, I’ve been one of the organizers of a full track of panels under Secular Women Work. I’ve helped them with communications and fundraising, and I’m part of their Dino Club for monthly donors. And this year, though I can’t say more just yet, I’m helping them bring panels back to their programming. (Okay, I strong-armed them into having panels again, if you must know.)

So when I say Skepticon is worth supporting, you know I’m talking from experience. This year, Skepticon, like many other conferences and organizations after Reason Rally and before the election, is behind in its fundraising. It needs your support.

If you like Skepticon and want to help make it a reality, consider doing one of the following:

If the fact that Skepticon is changing how we run conferences for the better isn’t enough, Skepticon’s been talking about why you want to support them for the last couple of weeks.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is FREE!

We know that even with a free event, some of our attendees struggle to afford being at Skepticon. We have heard stories of Skepticonneers going without adequate food to be able to attend, and that breaks our hearts. Last year we started our very own food pantry, welcoming donations from those who have, to provide for those who need. The food pantry will be back again this year! No one should go hungry to be at Skepticon.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Skeptical

Being a well prepared skeptic takes more than knowing that homeopathy is just expensive water or that UFOs aren’t abducting livestock. Talks and workshops on the philosophy of skepticism, political activism, and how to apply your skeptical super powers in real life help make you an agent for change where you live.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is a Big Tent (Full of Dinos)

But we see our continuing mission as serving a distinct set of communities, and even within these communities, not everyone will find Skepticon to their taste. That’s okay! We do try to have something for every sort of skeptic to like, and some things that will challenge the way you see the world.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Accessible

Our goal is to allow as many people to participate in Skepticon goodness as safely and comfortably as we can manage. We will never be perfect, but we will keep learning and trying every year. We welcome your ideas on how to make Skepticon better. We challenge ourselves to improve with each event, so Skepticon 439 should be AMAZEBANANAS!

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Where It Is Needed – Springfield, MO!

Skepticon takes a different approach. We think that Missouri, at the intersection between the American south and Midwest is an ideal place to be talking about secular, humanist, and skeptical approaches to life. It is here more than anywhere else in the U.S. that people outside the bounds of religion can feel lonely, and in need of like minds to get together with, to laugh and drink with, to learn, to dance, and to play obscure or rude card games with. A place to relax and be themselves for a long weekend.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Speakers & Workshops

That’s not to say that we don’t invite speakers back! We have our favorite people speak again or hold workshops. Our returning speakers bring new and exciting topics each time, and deserve their places as Skepticon favorites. We look deliberately to balance new voices with proven favorites to offer the best possible con experience we can manage.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is So Much More Than Speakers and Workshops

Speaking of helping, Skepticon hosts a blood drive on Friday. Look for the bloodmobile outside the registration area. Donate a pint and you’ll be a hero! Anyone donating a gallon or more will win a trip to the hospital! (Editors note: do not donate more than a pint ohmythor.)

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Silly Dinosaurs

These are serious times, and serious times call for a bunch of silly dinosaurs. Our silly dinosaurs are the finest available, and we love them.

Why Skepticon?: Skepticon is Run By Volunteers

Organizing and running this convention is a labor of love for our entire Skepticon Team–the only payment they receive are the good feelings at the end of a convention well done. Each and every dollar donated to Skepticon goes directory into making Skepticon the skepticoniest it can be.

There is more behind every one of those links if you need additional reasons. So come on if you can. Help support Skepticon today.

Supporting Skepticon