#SSJCon: LGBTQ Queer Atheists of Color

This is part of my coverage of the Secular Social Justice Conference this past January in Houston. I raised money to get me to the conference to report out because conferences like these cover topics that are rarely talked about in the movement. I also raised money to get Josiah Mannion to the conference to take photos. You can see his full conference photoset. If you appreciate the work we do, we’re also raising money cover a portion of our costs to do the same for the Women in Secularism conference in September. You’ll find a donation button at the end of this post.

The second session of the day also consisted of two panels. Choosing was so difficult. Josiah took pictures in the “LGBTQ Queer Atheists of Color” session. I covered the economics session, since I felt my background would be more useful here.

LGBTQ Queer Atheists of Color and Social Justice
Diane Burkholder, Kansas City Freethinkers of Color
Ashton Woods, HBN
Brandon Mack, Rice U
Moderator: Debbie Goddard

Unfortunately, there has been no video posted from this session. I’d been waiting for it, hoping to catch up. At least the majority of Twitter coverage happened here, because this is all the record we have.

Photo down the table of panelists, with Brandon Mack in focus in the foreground.

Candace Gorham and Sincere Kirabo listening to the panel.
Candace Gorham and Sincere Kirabo listening to the panel.

Photo of panelists with Ashton Woods in focus, speaking, in the center.

Photo of several audience members listening intently.

Photo of panelists laughing, Ashton Woods in the focus in the foreground.
Photo of audience members smiling.

Photo of speakers Diane Burkholder, Brandon Mack, and Debbie Goddard speaking after panel.

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#SSJCon: LGBTQ Queer Atheists of Color