Catching Up on The Humanist Hour

I’m catching up on a lot of stuff and easing back into writing for the blog. While I’m doing that, we put up a couple of shows at The Humanist Hour that I’m pretty proud of. You might want to take the opportunity to catch up.

The Humanist Hour #190: Getting “SciCurious” with Bethany Brookshire

On this week’s show, Stephanie Zvan interviews Dr. Bethany “SciCurious” Brookshire about effective strategies for convincing people of scientific truths, the common mistakes we make when we set out to teach people about science. Brookshire recently co-edited Science Blogging: The Essential Guide.

For nearly a decade, former neuroscientist Dr. Bethany Brookshire has been writing about science for online audiences. Best known to science-blogging fans as “SciCurious,” Dr. Brookshire writes about – among other topics – neurotransmitters (the chemicals that make our brains run), evaluating scientific results in context, rats in tiny pants, and duck penises. You can’t forget the duck penises.

SciCurious’s Links:

The Humanist Hour #191: Sincere Kirabo on Building Social Justice

Over the past year or so, the American Humanist Association has been making changes to reflect its commitment to social justice. These changes can be found in the pages of The Humanist magazine and the words of its leaders. Change can also be found more recently in the announcement that Sincere Kirabo would be stepping into the role of the AHA’s social justice coordinator.

This week, we welcome Sincere back to the show. He speaks with Peggy Knudtson and Jenn Wilson about his new role, what social justice and intersectionality mean, and the ways that social media can be used to further the cause of social justice.

Sincere’s links:

Catching Up on The Humanist Hour
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