The Reading List, 2/21/2016

I share a lot of links on Twitter and Facebook that I don’t blog about because I don’t have much to add. The reading list is a periodic feature where I share those links with my blog audience too. Of course, you’re still welcome to follow me on Twitter.

  • Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters“–“Clever touch, too, to frame everyone who wants nothing to do with the man’s opinions as ‘the girl’, because that’s exactly what will appeal to the Dawkbros. For the rest of us, though, it just tells us that you haven’t been listening.”
  • IT IS TIME: My personal journey from harassee to guardian“–“It is only now, when I see these things happening to my students, that I have become really, truly, irrevocably angry. Angry because I know them, and I know they didn’t ask for it and don’t deserve it.”
  • Why Again Were You My Enemy?“–“My sense of identity had already marked him as Other, and so I had to undergo the cognitive dissonance now of wondering why I had that intuition at all. And of course, I recognize that it’s a false association and no longer think Avalos the devil that he was portrayed to be.”
  • Why I Just Dropped The Harassment Charges Against The Man Who Started GamerGate“–“The simple fact of the matter is that I’m less useful to the world as someone who fought this case, win or lose, than someone who can throw all hope of winning away to be honest with you, to educate you, to try and call for reform so I can set the next girl up for a spike instead of falling on my face.”
  • placing Ken Zucker’s clinic in historical context“-“This is perfectly fine, of course – no one is obligated to use my quotes in their article. But I did feel that the most important point that I stressed (i.e., placing the current Zucker clinic debate in the historical context of the long history of gender reparative therapies) was not duly acknowledged in Singal’s article.”
  • Against Endorsements“–“I don’t so much hope that any reader ‘agrees’ with me, as I hope to haunt them, to trouble their sense of how things actually are.”
  • Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau will keep her job, but not without critics“–“Harteau took heat for the disputed death of Jamar Clark, as well as police officers’ treatment of protesters during Black Lives Matter’s ensuing 18-day occupation of the 4th Precinct. An uptick in gun violence in 2015 led others to accuse her of being too soft on crime.”
  • Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters“–“Instead, black folks are trying to keep their feet planted in reality and choose from among politicians who have historically promised much and delivered little. It is often a choice between the devil you know and the one you don’t, or more precisely, among the friend who betrays you, the stranger who entices you and the enemy who seeks to destroy you.”
  • Arizona mayor forcibly removes Jewish rabbi who objected to Christian-based invocation“–“‘If they don’t like it, they can vote us out,’ said Marley.”
  • The Science Byline Counting Project: Where Are the Women—and Where Are They Not?“–“But for longer front-of-book or back-of-book pieces, where writers have an opportunity to showcase their writing style and establish credentials that could lead to opportunities to write the more prestigious feature articles, men outnumbered women, in some cases by a factor of two or three to one.”
  • Ferguson Mayor: ‘There Was No Agreement’ With The Justice Department“–“The Justice Department slapped the city of Ferguson, Mo., with a civil rights lawsuit this week after the City Council voted to change a proposed settlement agreement to reform the police and courts.”
  • Cash is Bad for Creativity? Yeah, Right“–“Obviously autonomy is key. In any study where monetary rewards are given for creativity, one must assume a baseline where the artist is well-fed and has the basics of existence, or alternatively, plan to sort subjects by a variety of economic conditions and then see how cash rewards affect creativity.”
  • Catholic leaders say Zika doesn’t change ban on contraception“–“The Zika epidemic, he said, presents ‘an opportunity for the church to recommit itself to the dignity and sacredness of life, even in very precarious moments like this.'”
  • Why is Silicon Valley so ‘tone deaf’ to India?“–“When the news came that India had rejected Facebook, board member and investor Andreessen tweeted the missive that echoed around the world: ‘Anti-Colonialism has been economically catastrophic for India for decades. Why stop now?'”
  • Audit of U’s human research reveals profound ignorance, chaotic mess“–“One person said the U’s required training left her confused about the process of getting informed consent. Nevertheless, she still actively recruits patients for human research.”
  • Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies“–“For anybody other than Peyton Manning, such damning statements from a fellow student who had no dog in the fight would have been the nail in their coffin. As a general rule, it’s not just gross to smash your testicles on a woman’s face, it’s a crime.”
  • Jerkbrain Lies“–“You see, if you didn’t know that Jerkbrain lies, you might be tempted to take it seriously. Might think that maybe it’s right and you should just go back to bed forever to stew in your own filth because you’ll never be worth anything more than that.”
  • Trans people have no dispute with feminists – they either support transgender rights or they do not“–“Well I say there is no ‘row’ between TERFS and trans people. Just as there is no ‘row’ between Westboro Baptist Church and gay people, no ‘fallout’ between the BNP and ethnic minorities, and no ‘debate’ between rape advocates and women.”
  • #PrayForDawkins Isn’t Trolling, Just Religious Privilege“–“Even if someone at the Church of England would really like to make such a remark to Dawkins to, as my mother often liked to say when I was younger, “heap burning coals on his head” by being so magnanimous, it just makes no sense as a public relations move.”
  • This Sex Which Is Not Two“–“The resistance to the notion of the social construction of scientific knowledge was, and to some extent still is, pretty fierce. A lot of people at first can’t imagine what that would mean. To some people at first it means, well, you can just make anything up. And of course that isn’t true.”
  • Brief thoughts on women writers being erased from SFF – again“–“No, women SFF writers don’t take these best-of lists, these recommended-for-award-nominations and shortlists, these articles and review columns erasing us ‘personally’. We object because they damage us all professionally.”
The Reading List, 2/21/2016

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    4. This was an absolute gut-punch to read. The guy in question is a vile human being, the initiator of all this and someone who still goes out to push the button every time he gets upset at his ex – and as far as I can tell, it hasn’t hurt him either personally or professionally (disturbingly enough, he has a new girlfriend according to a piece I read on him a while back – I fear for her safety). Now he’s walking away without legal consequences as well, unless someone else goes after him.

    13. Just like with the AIDS pandemic, although the current Pope might have tacitly loosened up on this. That’s why the late John Paul II will always be a monstrous person to me – right in the worst part of the AIDS Pandemic, he actively set the Catholic Church against any program to provide condoms and protection.

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