Swag for SkepchickCon

If you don’t already know SkepchickCon, it’s the slow invasion of CONvergence by science and skepticism types. (If you do already know it, you can skip this explanation and go donate for your swag now.) CONvergence is our big fan-run convention here in the Twin Cities, running over July 4 weekend.

SkepchickCon is a friendly invasion. Skepchick works with the convention to keep us from completely overrunning the place, and we (where “we” mostly means people who aren’t me to whom I’m very grateful) find ways to program around them to add more science and skepticism content without pushing anything else at the conference out. In the last couple of years, that has meant things like art projects and small-group discussions and afternoon sessions for kids who want to do hands-on science experiments.

All of this requires supplies and people with experience to share.  We do a lot to keep costs down by donating time and travel and materials and even furniture, but not everyone can afford to do that, and what we can give doesn’t cover everything needed to make all this happen. Neither do the donations raised at the evening parties. This year, the uncovered costs are $2,000.

In order to raise that money, several SkepchickCon participants and supporters are offering some great, geeky swag. Quoting from Skepchick’s post:

  • $25 donation: receive a pair of Star Wars cross stitches (one dark side, one light side) by Mindy.
  • $50 donation: receive a lasercut coaster with your choice of molecule (from a selection of 6 available designs) by Ryan and Jim.
  • $75 donation: CHOOSE a custom doll with lab coat by Niki OR a custom cross stitch from the fandom of your choice by Olivia.
  • $100 donation: you are invited to join the Skepchicks for a private party at SkepchickCon, or a Google Hangout if you are unable to attend.
  • $125 donation: receive a blog post or round table from the Grounded Parents contributors on a topic of your choice.
  • $150 donation: receive a full set of 6 molecule coasters by Ryan and Jim with a bonus Skepchick logo coaster AND an invitation to the Skepchick private party.
  • $175 donation: CHOOSE either a private physics lesson with Dan OR a private astronomy lesson with Nicole AND an invitation to the Skepchick private party.
  • $200 donation: receive a custom cocktail recipe from Anne AND an invitation to the Skepchick private party.
  • $250 donation: receive a cosplay photoshoot at CONvergence with Jamie AND an invitation to the Skepchick private party.
  • $500 donation: ALL OF THE ABOVE

You can, of course, also just donate to support science and skepticism programming, but who wouldn’t want some of that swag? Go get yours, and help us invade con.

Swag for SkepchickCon