"The Ten Ways Heaven Would be Hell", Valerie Tarico on Atheists Talk

Believers sacrifice so much of their worldly lives in order to get to Heaven and to avoid Hell.  What if they get there, after forswearing Sex and Drug and Rock and Roll in this mortal life only to find that Heaven is Hell except with angels instead of demons?  Dr. Valerie Tarico has examined the ten ways that popular conceptions of Heaven would, in reality, be Hell and spelled them out in a blog post.

Dr. Tarico is a pyschologist who is a former evangelical and returns to our show this Sunday for a Hellish look at Heaven.

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"The Ten Ways Heaven Would be Hell", Valerie Tarico on Atheists Talk

4 thoughts on “"The Ten Ways Heaven Would be Hell", Valerie Tarico on Atheists Talk

  1. 2

    I must insert an obligatory plug for “Extract From Capt Stormfield’s Visit To Heaven” by Mark Twain. It pretty much is the definitive work on the topic of how irritating heaven would be.
    (btw, it’s easy to find 1st editions of on Ebay for ~$50-$100 and it’s a perfect gift for the atheist in your life. Ditto “Eve’s Diary”)

  2. Ed

    (1) I love the Twilight Zone reference!

    Maybe the reverse of Aquinas` and Edwards` maxims hold true as well.
    Next time I’m told that I’m going to Hell, I can say ” One of the consolations of Hell will be observing the utter, crushing boredom of those in Heaven. ”

    Even watching us burn won’t be any fun after a few thousand times. Enjoy being trapped in Disney World forever, suckers!

    Now if the inventors of Heaven had been a little more imaginative, they could have given everyone their own Heaven, to be shared with like-minded people. That way, they would avoid the problem of people who think a jewel encrusted city sounds tacky or who like the night time.

    Not every Christian would want the eternal company of every other Christian who has ever lived, so restraining orders would be nice. And what idiot thought it was a good idea trying to attract adults to something by claiming that there is definitely no sex there whatsoever? Why not orgies that last for years ? Sex with angels?

    And since at least some of the people they want to visit will probably be in Hell, how about every saved person gets to let their favorite resident of Hell out?

    There should also be some kind of time machine where you can go back to the past on earth and re-live favorite moments or change things that you have regrets about.

    How about a “be God for a week” lottery? 100% chance of winning at some point in eternity! The possible improvements over the New Testement Heaven are endless. What is a “sea of glass” anyway? Get rid of that thing. It sounds boring and pointless.

    And of course your pets are there! I can’t believe how many asshole religious leaders are so hung up on some stupid “humans only” rule.

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