"GMO Revisited!" Anastasia Bodnar and Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

Genetic Engineering, or Genetic Modification, is a process that creates a shortcut method to crossbreeding and hybridizing crops and livestock for favorable traits. Technologists create genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, by inserting genes into the chromosomes of the target DNA. Sometimes the transplanted gene is from an organism in the same species as the target species, other times the gene is from a different species or it may be the case that an animal’s gene is spliced into a plant’s gene. In a recent show, Dr. Anastasia Bodnar and Mike Haubrich discussed the difficulties of spreading the news about the science of GMO’s due to rancor in the social media.

On this show, Dr. Greg Laden will join us to continue the discussion in a more positive light. We will go through the positive benefits of using genetic engineering to meet the growing demands of an ever larger population with a shrinking land area for raising the food to feed billions of people. We will address the ways in which the technology will adapt our food to help cope with the effects of climate change and help reduce other threats to the environment as well.

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"GMO Revisited!" Anastasia Bodnar and Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

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    I read the Pamela Ronald TEDtalk link you posted, and then made the mistake of reading the TEDtalk comments underneath. It’s a bit like going below the fold on YouTube, only slightly less shouty and abuse-y.
    Think I’ll abandon that and listen to the show instead.

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