"Nature's God", Matthew Stewart on Atheists Talk

A couple of centuries of national pride and the gentle glow that history casts on winners have given today’s U.S. citizens a rather staid view of the radicals and revolutionaries who built a country from former colonies. Not only did they wage treasonous war against their king, but many of the crafters of our constitution were religious radicals. There were Quakers and Methodists and Christians who rejected the authority of the Bible.

There were also deists among the people who shaped our government. In his recent book, Nature’s God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic, philosopher Matthew Stewart tells their story. He traces the strains of deism in Enlightenment thinking and shows how it shaped our country.

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"Nature's God", Matthew Stewart on Atheists Talk
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One thought on “"Nature's God", Matthew Stewart on Atheists Talk

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    Fundies usually point to the Declaration of Independence as their foundation that “we are a christian nation” — they evidently don’t know (or care, or understand) that Jefferson could best be described as a deist.

    They would also be shocked to learn he had a Qur’an (sp) and had created his own bible (by only keeping what he thought was sound moral teachings, not relying on mysticism).

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