18 thoughts on “#FtBullies and #Gamergate: A Love Story

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    GamerGate has been wall-to-wall deja-vu for me. A small group of vocal activists defending the status quo, colluding in public against progressives? Where the contradictions, lies, and conspiracy thinking are blatant to anyone who’s taken a step back?

    The two were made for one another.

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    I couldn’t read the whole thing. (Sick of it, and don’t like the choppy sentences and weird “logic”.)

    It seems like they think that they tweet to be heard, but youblog and tweet for micropennies from hits.

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    My brain hurts. Wow. What a waste of space these GG warriors are. Why is it not at all surprising that Hale and Mayhew took the GG side in this? There is nothing clever or insightful or interesting in all of those pro-GG tweets. Several own-goals, though. Many reading comprehension failures. Unbelievable that they would call Stephanie a doxxer when that is the primary mode of operation of the gamergate crowd. Similarly, they engage in brownshirt tactics and then refer to Stephanie as some sort of commissar. It’s all name-calling and piss in place of argument or making a case. And then they are truly baffled that most media cast them as the bad guys. We seem to be witnessing the spectacular implosion of the antifeminists. It’s awful, but hard to look away, like a train wreck.

    BTW, did anybody else enjoy the fisking-like analysis of the gamergate manifesto over at We Hunted the Mammoth?

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    These three are like the Miranda Chale, Sara Mathew and Abbie smith of #GamerGate

    Probably so? But I doubt that what they think that means is what it really means…

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    Also, I am amazed at the braindead “whatever FTB is for, we’re against” attitude with the #FTBullies slymer gang. They don’t seem to have the wherewithal to spot that #gamergate is most likely a losing proposition and instead decide to side with Adam Baldwin and his bunch of losers. Nope, they are ready and willing to die on that hill (metaphorically speaking). They aren’t taking the prudent approach sitting this one out, or taking a wait-and-see approach. I would expect that sort of behavior from @uberfeminist and @mykeru, but I would have thought that #gamergate would give at least a little pause to Ellenbeth Wachs and Sarah Mayhew and Miranda Hale. Nope. In for a penny, in for a pound with this bunch. Love at first sight, as in the OP. It makes one wonder, is there any group of antifeminists that is too extreme in their eyes?

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    And again Mayhew with the idea that @femfreq pissed away the kickstarter funds. Really? The goals were met, within a reasonable timeframe. The production values are excellent. There is a lot of material. Whether or not you agree with the content, it’s a big chunk of work. And the donors are by and large not complaining (AFAIK). Mayhew should just drop that line of reasoning. It just makes her look petty and stupid (and jealous).

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    TED-fellow (that one time you will never be allowed to forget) Mayhew wishes her lunchbox-quality manga had the traction and currency that Sarkeesian is getting. And bless her for yet again spreading the kickstarter lie and then making a sales pitch. Similar behaviour from one of her enemies would doubtless elicit accusations of click-seeking.

    Far from looking like advocates for quality journalism*, EBW, Mayhew, Hale and their fellow bottom-feeders on twitter look not only as bad as before (in terms of being a toxic lunchroom clique sucking up the the A-list), but by glomming onto gameghazi (a much more apt term, thanks Stephanie) it’s even more pathetic and more desperate.

    It’s certainly not surprising to me or anyone, of course, that the usual wannabes wanna suck up to the Manly Atheist Leadership Establishment and/or garner fame and notoriety – or are just lacking sufficient self-awareness to know what they’re doing is wrong – but it sure is sad. History will not look kindly on these people, if it looks on them at all. In fact, I look forward to the day when #gg is a footnote that raises little more than a quizzical, Spock-like eyebrow.

    *Which, btw, could easily classify as social fucking justice, being related to the public’s right to truth and accuracy, etc. Also by the way, where the fuck were the ‘gaters a decade or two ago? Dodgy game journalism IS NOT A NEW THING and was NOT INVENTED by Zoe Quinn on the internet. Where were any of these fucking creeps a single year ago? Furthermore, why does everybody want to destroy Zoe Quinn and not the journalist/s she allegedly slept with for good reviews (a blatant lie, as the one journalist Quinn had a relationship with did not even review her game!)? Do these easily-led M.A.L.E. sidekicks-in-training even know the journalists’ names? If they do, why aren’t those journalists being interrogated and doxed and threatened and ranted at and lumped in with FtB? It seems, y’know, awfully convenient that the primary targets of gameghazi’s low-IQ hate-cannon – Quinn, Wu, Sarkeesian – are women, with two being developers, one a critic and precisely none of them journalists.

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    @ spin boson:

    The goals were met, within a reasonable timeframe.

    I’m still waiting for one of these assholes to suggest that Sarkeesian isn’t fulfilling her video release schedule due to recent events. Having work derailed by death threats and staggering levels of harassment is FRAUD. FRAUD I TELL YOU.

    It’s probably already happened. Most likely on one of those social platforms I have even less interest in participating in now.

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    My favorite was when MIranda said ” You’ve been kind yet fierce,”. She must have gotten her definition of “kind” from a German dictionary, that’s the only explanation I can think of.

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    I don’t neccessarily agree nor disagree with anything said here.. just really freaking annoyed at the horrible misuse of language. Language is meant to communicate clearly. posting “gamerghazi”

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    Ah yeah, Phrenologicus.
    Showed up in my Twitter yesterday. After he started ut tweeting at me he switched to German, “advising” me I should stop “parroting” what the Americans say, because “here” (which I guess is Germany) there are “different rules”.
    I asked him if that was meant as a threat and what rules that should be.


    My favorite was when MIranda said ” You’ve been kind yet fierce,”. She must have gotten her definition of “kind” from a German dictionary, that’s the only explanation I can think of.

    Do you wish to make the reference that German “Kind” means “child” in which case this makes no sense or is it just a very lame all Germans are Nazis reference?

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    Do you wish to make the reference that German “Kind” means “child” in which case this makes no sense or is it just a very lame all Germans are Nazis reference?

    The latter.

    As to gamergate, I have kept mostly out of it, but the amount of hateful tweets from regressives rolling in when I RT any of it, is quite something to behold.

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    Internet also hates when you piss away Kickstarter monies like @femfreq. I turned mine into a book

    …and she includes a link where you can pre-order Volume 1–which was funded a year ago.
    Evidently those monies haven’t been turned into a book quite yet.

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    Giliell, I meant the former, implying that Miranda was congratulating the Pit Crew on being childish. So much for that effort, it clearly didn’t come across the way I intended.

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