Within One Year

California Code of Civil Procedure section 340(c).

340. Within one year:

(c) An action for libel, slander, false imprisonment, seduction of a person below the age of legal consent, or by a depositor against a bank for the payment of a forged or raised check, or a check that bears a forged or unauthorized endorsement, or against any person who boards or feeds an animal or fowl or who engages in the practice of veterinary medicine as defined in Section 4826 of the Business and Professions Code, for that person’s neglect resulting in injury or death to an animal or fowl in the course of boarding or feeding the animal or fowl or in the course of the practice of veterinary medicine on that animal or fowl.

We wouldn’t necessarily know yet, but one way or another, it’s done.

Within One Year

9 thoughts on “Within One Year

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    I was a bit puzzled by this topic, but presumably we’re talking about the Ben Radford/Karen Stollznow harassment situation here?
    So BR was full of crap. Now that was a surprise…

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    Hmm. That makes me wonder. If no suit has been filed, would that mean that anyone can repeat what was said with confidence (that they won’t be sued)? Because presumably if what was said was libelous, there would have been a prior suit. I’m just thinking it would lower the credibility of the plaintiff should they try to bring a suit against another person. Anyone more knowledgeable about the law?

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    The ones who don’t probably don’t for a different reason, like finding out what he did to Pamela Gay. When you contribute to a legal fund, you don’t really expect to be able to drive the action.

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