The Reading List, 8/6/2014

I share a lot of links on Twitter and Facebook that I don’t blog about because I don’t have much to add. The reading list is a periodic feature where I share those links with my blog audience too. Of course, you’re still welcome to follow me on Twitter.

Around FtB

  • They are afraid–“It can be alarming and overwhelming to have a torrent of criticism dumped on you. Absolutely. But it still doesn’t tie you to a stake and set fire to a bunch of damp wood piled at your feet (damp to make it burn slowly and thus prolong the agony).”
  • Let’s sit down together and discuss that proposition itself–“I don’t think it’s excessively emotional to point out that there’s something blood-chilling about seeing people who are safe talk calmly detachedly and in the abstract about the risks or tragedies faced by people who aren’t like them.”
  • Please donate to support this blog – and help me speak at events–“The media industry has yet to settle on a way for bloggers to be paid – in fact, the increasing expectation that our work will be unpaid is undermining writing as a profession.”
  • Impeachment Talk Backfires on the GOP–“This started with your base and now it’s backfiring on you. Of course the Democrats are going to fundraise off it. But it’s your people who are demanding it.”
  • Hurray, Ugandan Court strikes down the Anti-LGBT Law!–“Although the law was overturned on a procedural technicality glitch and not on the basis that it violates human rights, it is still a big step forward for lgbt Ugandans and other African LGBTS.”

The Wider Web

  • 4 reasons you should never ask a woman why she’s single–“‘Why aren’t you working at an archeological dig in Argentina?’ ‘Why aren’t you eating a pizza right now?’ ‘Why do you have brown hair?'”
  • Sunda pangolin mum with her pangopup–“What an adorable family, walking around looking like two lovely pinecones come to life.”
  • Bad news and good news…–“With contributors from Gaza, it is sadly almost inevitable that the Palestinian poets and artists involved would be hit by the ongoing Israeli bombardment, shelling and invasion which has killed hundreds so far.”
  • Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Feminist–“I did all of this nonsense, mostly to fit in, mostly due to the need to belong. I spent most of my childhood being rejected, so when I was a young adult, well, I lashed out.”
  • Richard Dawkins and Rape Rape–“Not surprisingly, Dawkins is wrong—very wrong. By and large, the harmfulness of rape is in its violation of women’s consent. That violation is present whether or not a knife or stranger are involved.”
  • Twitter can fix its harassment problem, but why mess with success?–“Which is why the company gives so little attention to the now-routine harassment experienced by so many members of the service: It drives engagement.”
  • 8 Latina Feminists Who Deserve More Recognition–“During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a time when Stonewall riots were making the gay-rights movement mainstream, bisexual trans Latina activist Sylvia Rivera advocated for the queer and transgender people the movement had left out.”
  • The blatant sexism of lists about ‘attractive girls’–“And why does he think women should aspire to meet (only) his consideration of what constitutes attractiveness, instead of what makes them feel good in their own skin. I guess he thinks we’re not doing enough to make women ashamed of their bodies. Onward, brave soldier!”
  • The Guy Behind Confused Cats Against Feminism Is Sick of Mansplaining to Other Men–“‘[C]ats need a place where they can post pictures of themselves holding signs denouncing feminism for assorted weird reasons that don’t seem to have anything to do with what feminism is actually about.'”
  • #ASKCOSTOLO – an epic fail?–“‘and how not to hold or respond to an AMA #harassment #onlineabuse #PRstuntsgonebad #twitterdoesntgiveashitaboutitsuserssafety #needfordiversity #victimblaming'”
  • GeekGirlCon DIY Science Zone Fundraiser–“The zone is a hands-on, weekend-long extravaganza that makes science accessible to everyone, whether or not they have their own lab goggles at home.”
  • Radical reform for male prisoners not politically acceptable says UK expert–“According to the Professor, who is an expert in Law, Gender and Social Policy, the belief that reducing the number of people in prison puts society at risk may be more marked in relation to male prisoners.”
  • How Did the FBI Miss Over 1 Million Rapes?–“Yung’s analysis, which focused on cities with populations of more than 100,000, found that 22 percent of the 210 studied police departments demonstrated ‘substantial statistical irregularities in their rape data.'”
  • An Open Letter to the New York Times: Race and the Reproductive Rights Movement–“The fact that white-led organizations are now taking the credit for moving us away from pro-choice, when that charge has been led by women of color for decades, is just salt on an already long-standing open wound.”
  • Abuse on Twitter: Humans Can’t Always Just “Brush it Off”–“‘Too much abuse? Block, put it out of your mind, and decide not to be affected.’ It simply doesn’t work that way for human beings with feelings and memories and psychological baggage and hearts.”
  • Gambit – Best Worst Costume Ever–“It would seem, however, that Gambit’s creators were working in active conflict with each other. His costume not only fails to compliment his role, it actively opposes it.”
  • Design Diaries – Gambit–“There is a reason that the Gambit that showed up in the Wolverine movie looked nothing like the original. The original costume would look ludicrous on screen.”
  • Love Rocket Raccoon? Please consider donating to writer Bill Mantlo’s ongoing care!–“Tragically, as LifeHealthPro’s Bill Coffin documented in a tremendously moving article a few years ago, Mantlo was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 1992 and suffered traumatic brain injury.”
  • Food is NOT Medicine–“So I’d go on health food kicks where I really tried to nourish my body, get enough sleep, exercise…only to end up sicker than I had been before (at which point I would go back to the bland, simple foods I had been eating, because they were they only foods that didn’t make me feel awful).”
The Reading List, 8/6/2014

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