"39 Unconvincing Arguments for God", August Berkshire on Atheists Talk

How many bad arguments are there for the existence of god(s)? Well, there are probably a lot more than 39, but that’s the number that Minnesota Atheists past president August Berkshire addresses in his latest publication. Inspired by his interactions with students over the years he’s been a guest lecturer on atheism and humanism, he’s been building a list of common lay apologetics and their counters. These are just a few of the topics he covers:

  • God Is Intangible, Like Love
  • The Argument from Motion
  • The Argument from Embarrassment
  • Free Will

This Sunday, he joins us in the studio to talk about the kinds of bad arguments people make and the ways that they’re flawed.

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"39 Unconvincing Arguments for God", August Berkshire on Atheists Talk

One thought on “"39 Unconvincing Arguments for God", August Berkshire on Atheists Talk

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    I actually agree that god is intangible, like love. Intangible things do not “exist” — they’re a mental construct. Nothing more. Def: Unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.

    That’s as good a definition for god as I could ever come up with.

    You can’t argue that the mental construct of god doesn’t exist — of course it does. But the 5 billion or so people in the world holding some mental construct of what god is and what god does are all different. Every person’s god is their own and of their own making. Even those steeped in the minutae of a particular religion or sect will have that little corner of their god that is theirs and theirs alone.

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