Tell Us What You Want to See at FtBCon3

In case you haven’t already seen the news, July 22 is the deadline to submit your panel proposals for FtBConscience3.

Graphic of call for proposals. All information included in the link above the image.

Don’t want to run a panel but you still have ideas about what you want to see? That’s okay too. While proposals that come with a moderator and participants baked in save us time and energy and are viewed with gratitude, your con runners are happy to do some recruiting for topics you particularly want to see.

In particular, we know that FtBCon2 left people wanting to see follow-up on several of our panels and talks. Some sessions covered broad topics, and viewers wanted to see part of that topic covered in more depth. Some sessions had a more narrow focus, but viewers wanted information on a related topic. We certainly didn’t have time to answer every viewer question, particularly those that would make a good session of their own.

If you were one of these viewers who wanted more after watching an FtBCon2 session, now’s your chance. Comment or email us to tell us what you’re looking for.

Other sessions that may have inspired you to want more:

Comment or email us with the sessions you want to see for FtBCon3.

Tell Us What You Want to See at FtBCon3

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    I’d love a rematch on the “Intersectionality and Allies: Exiting the Secular Bubble” panel, as I loved the concept but was disappointed technical issues cut it short. Also, moar of Secular Woman, please!

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