The Reading List, 6/11/2014

I share a lot of links on Twitter and Facebook that I don’t blog about because I don’t have much to add. The reading list is a periodic feature where I share those links with my blog audience too. Of course, you’re still welcome to follow me on Twitter.

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  • Plausibility–“You want to make it believable. You see what I’m getting at? You don’t want to say ‘my friend is a saint, and for this saintliness he is roundly punished.'”
  • Elliot Rodger and Misogyny Denialism: The Call Is Coming From Inside The House–“So many people are contorting themselves into pretzels to find any motivation at all other than misogyny. What the fuck is going on here?”
  • They Have To See It With Their Own Eyes: Men and Violence Against Women–“Men who refuse to take violence against women seriously until it happens right the fuck in front of their faces are as complicit in this injustice as men who commit violence against women.”
  • Represent–“That’s what the harassers call me. Sometimes they vary it to Oafy, just like any 5-year-old. And the Global Secular Council thinks it’s appropriate to follow their lead.”
  • Round 3, or is it 4–“So much for instructing the Social Media team for future to take less liberties in this regard. And as for tweeting an apology – !”
  • Why do they think they are above being questioned?–“The refusal is now taking the form of pretending not to know how to do it, not to know what they did that’s apology worthy, not to know how apologies work, not to know that they are an organization and thus responsible for what branches of their organization do.”
  • Hello, World. Still Fucked Up, I See: Elliot Rodger Edition–“I do agree that, yes, Rodger had some serious issues, and that the little don’t-kill-people switch in his brain was broken, and we need to improve the way we recognize and handle people whose don’t-kill-people switches are broken. But I’m also going to mention that there are many people whose don’t-kill-people switches don’t function properly.”

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The Reading List, 6/11/2014