It’s a weird thing when people tweet at you in the third person. It’s particularly weird when that person likely has no followers in common with you, and is, thus, speaking to you in the third person. Or rather, to me.

Screen cap of tweets from iamcuriousblue. Text in the post.

@Szvan and the drama she just can’t let go of

> @Szvan can talk about Grothe etc being “psychopaths” all she wants. Based on my interactions with her, that’s projection of her behavior.

Now, I don’t know whether iamcuriousblue there meant to link to this piece instead and grabbed the wrong FtB tab to copy his link from. Or whether they meant to link a piece I had tweeted twice (which they’re not following me to see) then talk about a post I wrote in a second tweet only a minute later. Either way, the line about me not being able to let go is downright precious.

As for their interactions with me, see for yourself:

Oh, wait. That last one’s right here. If we were to conflate lying and psychopathy, as iamcuriousblue appears to be (inappropriately) doing, who’s the psychopath in these encounters?


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    I remember that first one, as he claimed on SkepticInk (I think) that Greta had horribly bullied him and banned him on her blog. I found that interaction which is where it supposedly happened and quite clearly he was not bullied or banned. I don’t think he was lying though, he really seemed to believe the #FTBullies dogma so strongly that what is supposed to happen on FTB became in his mind what actually had happened. Self pitying and flagellation on the pit is really not good for your reasoning skills. This seems to be another case of #FTBullies delirium.

    But to counter that with some positive stuff about iamcurousblue, he is also an activist of sorts for sex workers. Not sure how good of a one, but at least he does positive stuff unlike most pitters. Was one of the rare people who I was unsure if they should be on the block bot as it could stop him connecting to sex workers who use the bot. There’s a lot of valid criticism of feminism/feminists in relation to trans inclusiveness and throwing sex workers under the bus. IAMCB straddles that line at times IMO.

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    Now, I don’t know whether iamcuriousblue there meant to link…

    The exact URL is likely unimportant as long as it has the correct domain name, right?

    > @Szvan can talk about Grothe etc being “psychopaths” all she wants. Based on my interactions with her, that’s projection of her behavior.

    Yeah, I’m sorry, Stephanie seems like exactly-not-a-psychopath. Grothe, on the other hand, rather appears to be psychopathically-enhanced in his lying and manipulation and disregard, his charm and lack of real empathy. Whether or not he actually has that personality dimension, it is how he is coming across.

    If he actually has psychopathic tendencies, this actually goes some way towards “excusing” some of his behavior, although there are plenty of honest and ethical psychopaths. For a supposed skeptic, I’d say he isn’t doing so well, whether or not his personality maps onto psychopath-space.

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    My own past experience with IAmNamedAfterASwedishSoftcorePorn is that he has a great skill for sounding reasonable, up until you challenge his half-baked assumptions, at which point he will resort to projection, deliberate misreading, and ad hominem attack to avoid dealing with criticism. Also, he never met a disingenuous anti-feminist argument that he didn’t like.

    That person is best handled in the same way one handles toxic waste: carefully, with lots of protective gear, and as little as possible.

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