Research, Advocacy, and Services

As he did last year, my husband is participating in the MS 150 this year to raise funds for–here, I’ll let him tell you:

Why I joined the movement

Having multiple sclerosis means you can wake up with blurred vision. Or your memory may fail you for no apparent reason. Or that you may not always be able to walk. The symptoms of MS are different for everyone — the only certainty is that it will affect another person every hour of every day.

Why I ride

I’ve registered for the MS 150 because I love to bicycle and I believe that the National MS Society performs valuable services that deserve to be supported.

Why you should sponsor me

The money I raise for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by riding in the MS 150 will be used to fund cutting-edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education and provide programs and services that help people with MS and their families move their lives forward.

In a perfect world, medical research and assistance wouldn’t need to be funded by unpredictable donations from the public, fueled by showy spectacles of bike riding events, but as long as it is I’ll be here to give my support to people in need.

He takes the fundraising part of this as seriously as he takes his riding. He raised $1,000 last year and is looking to do the same this year. He’s nearly 75% funded, with a fair number of those donations coming from our local atheist community. If this is your sort of thing, please consider helping him meet his goal.

Research, Advocacy, and Services

3 thoughts on “Research, Advocacy, and Services

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    I just found out that my youngest brother’s wife has been diagnosed with MS. Right now, my wife is going through a not insignificant medical crisis, so we’re hoarding money to deal with possibility of mid 4 figure ‘co-pays’ until we hit the deductible (why, oh why, couldn’t we live someplace with a civilized healthcare system!?!?), but I will try and throw something into the pot.

    And as another avid cyclist, I also commend this means of raising awareness.

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    150? Nice. I used to do 30k as a kid. And I really should get back into that. used to do other MS events with the family since my dad suffers from this, but he cannot get out much any more. (Yesterday was fun, his chair died and his top air mattress popped. Fun wow.Seriously, chairs, for what they cost, are crap. Particularly since they went to processor-driven controls. Everyone I know with a chair has problems far too frequently for these to be reasonable maintenance issues.)

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