The Reading List, 5/11/2014

I share a lot of links on Twitter and Facebook that I don’t blog about because I don’t have much to add. The reading list is a periodic feature where I share those links with my blog audience too. Of course, you’re still welcome to follow me on Twitter.

Around FtB

  • A PSA for All My Dear Feminist Allies–“And what is really painful is not only that you correlate people like me and sexists, but that you use US to insult THEM.”
  • The Legend of Ben–“The creepypasta is itself a masterful work; it’s obvious a lot of effort went into building the narrative elements with the amount of actual hacking that would have to have been done to make certain effects happen in the game.”
  • I Don’t Apologize For My Privilege Either–“But guess what? No one has ever asked me to in the world I live in, which, unlike that kid, is not made up of easily vanquished straw men.”
  • Intern full-time at the Sunday Assembly – for £20 a week–“You’d think a group that cared about this as much as Jones claimed the SA did would get the message – it was, after all, the message most stressed in the piece that made him contact me.”

The Wider Web

  • You’ve been accepted to graduate school! Now here are some sexist comments–“I wonder if all women, beaming with joyous success, filled with a sense of accomplishment having just achieved the near impossible, heard these comments when they told their friends, family, and peers their wonderful news.”
  • 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men–“Over the course of their lengthy legal careers, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband joined forces only once, to advocate for single men.”
  • Stop making fun of Christie for being fat–“It’s a lesson every heavy kid learns in homeroom: the only thing people hate more than a fat person is a humorless fat person. You better at least pretend to be in on the joke.”
  • “Why do Muslim women accept and believe these things anyway?”–“That the question itself, framed with such an air of bafflement, implying weakness and stupidity on the part of its subjects, that implies also an air of smugness, superiority on the part of its questioner, preempts in its very tone the concept of there being real, compelling reasons outside the scope of the absurdity the question assumes.”
  • Y All the Hype?–“The Huffington Post quoted one of the studies’ authors as saying that these ‘special’ genes ‘may play a large role in differences between males and females.’ Yet what the Nature articles actually show is the exact opposite.”
  • What’s holding women back in the workplace? It’s the sexism, stupid–“For example, women are constantly being exhorted to self-promote so that supervisors and managers notice their skills. However, while women who self-promote may be considered more competent, they are also considered less likeable and are less likely to be hired.”
  • Here, A Hypocrite Lives: I Probably Get It Wrong On Leslie Jones But I Tried–“Surely, she seems to be saying, there’s a world where someone like her can be what she is while simultaneously being desirable (I think she missed the section on colonialism in the bookstore, too).”
  • Supporting Diversity – Con or Bust–“Initially Loncon 3 has donated five new attending memberships to Con or Bust, and has agreed to donate up to another 20 to match donations from our members.”
  • 10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn–“I routinely find myself in mixed-gender environments (life) where men interrupt me. Now that I’ve decided to try and keep track, just out of curiosity, it’s quite amazing how often it happens.”
  • Plan B One-step Emergency Contraceptive 1 Tablet–Now available on Amazon and at a good price. No need to deal with “conscientious” pharmacists or drug stores.
  • Concern for Equality Linked to Logic, Not Emotion–“Some respondents reacted more strongly than others — hence the high versus low justice sensitivity — and an analysis of the high sensitivity individuals’ brain activity showed that they were processing the images in the parts of the brain where logic and rationality live.” [Take fMRI studies with a grain of salt, but this is an interesting avenue for further research.]
  • A Better Life: The Film by Chris Johnson–“I want to change the way the world sees atheists, and the way atheists see each other and the world around them.”
The Reading List, 5/11/2014
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