"Atheist Art" Amy Davis Roth on Atheists Talk

So much of the history of Western art, particularly what we refer to as “fine art”, is tied up with religion. In the last few hundred years, we’ve seen much more art that exists without reference to any gods, but we still see very little art that is expressly atheist in nature.

Amy Davis Roth, aka Surly Amy, has been working to change that. You probably know her from her Surly-Ramics, ceramic jewelry carrying atheist and pro-science messages and pictorial designs . Recently she’s been painting more, including iconographic flowers that sold in the art show at last month’s American Atheists National Convention. For the last couple of years, she’s also been heading up a team of atheist, humanist, and skeptic artists at Mad Art Lab on the Skepchick network.

This Sunday, she joins us to talk about what motivates her to create art and what we may be looking for as atheism develops an art of its own.

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"Atheist Art" Amy Davis Roth on Atheists Talk
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One thought on “"Atheist Art" Amy Davis Roth on Atheists Talk

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    I’ve been very pleased with the various Surly-Ramics pendants that I have bought from her over the years. They give me a chance to show something pro-science and pro-rationality at work, without necessarily being in anyone’s face about being an atheist (which would be inappropriate in my work setting).

    Thanks Amy for all that you do for the community.

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