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I’ve been meaning for a while to pull the moderated comments from EEB’s guest post, “I Am a False Rape Allegation Statistic” and give them their own post so I could delete them. I kept them in moderation for a couple reasons. The first is that the post caught the attention of multiple “men’s rights” sites. They don’t get to use my platform except as I choose.

The other reason I didn’t let several comments through is that the post itself was a highly emotional read for a lot of people. I made the decision that very little nonsense was going to wind up in the comment thread after that kind of harrowing read.

However, by making these decisions, I created a comment thread that doesn’t reflect the full reality of the reactions to someone saying they were raped. In light of Ben Radford’s recent suggestion that “no one doubts or denies” that “the vast majority of the time…a woman says she was assaulted, it really did happen” and that “victims are believed-as they should be, unless further evidence and investigation reveals that it did not happen”, it’s worth dismantling the incorrect appearance of that comment thread.

Not all of these comments were held for denying that EEB had been raped, but a large number were. Additionally, the post was covered at A Voice for Men and Reddit, where you can read all the evidence- and investigation-free comments you can stomach about what a liar this particular rape victim is.

tiberiusbeauregard Submitted on 2013/08/23 at 10:31 am

@11 Stephanie Zvan

They can, and it is. A district attorney can pursue a case over the objections of the police, but only if they know about it and are not so overworked that they can’t afford the time

I will not waste my time lamenting another country’s idiotic intereference of judicial and executive matters, but I can say what I told countless people before over here:

Whenever you consider reporting an important (criminal) matter to the authorities, the police is usually (with few exceptions) not the first place to go to, here’s why:

Police folks are no lawyers. State prosecutors are. If a case is challenging in any way, may it be for the factual or legal evaluation of the matter at hand, or may it be for timely procedural neccessities, only the state prosecutor has the professional competence to advance the case and is going to communicate with you on that exact level.

It might be inappropriate to write this now, I’ll do it nonetheless:
This is how I would URGE a rape victim to proceed (maybe a US based lawyer is reading this and can adjust it accordingly):

(1) Go to a hospital, tell them you were raped and let them do their forensic work.
(2) Go see a criminal lawyer and prepare a complete statement for the prosecutor, including the medical report.
(3) Notify your local police and give them exactly what you gave to the prosecutor – nothing else.
(4) Let any further correspondence be handled by your lawyer.

That’s certainly not what anyone would hope for but it’s better to control the process as much as you can and by now, it should be clear why the only person you can actually trust, is your lawyer.

YOURVICTIM Submitted on 2013/08/25 at 6:46 pm

I quote:

“It is horrifying, the number of women that I have met in support groups and activist meetups who experienced very similar things. They too, are false allegation statistics. We were all raped”

NO YOU WERE NOT. I WENT to a self-harm support site looking for EXACTLY THAT… but what I instead found was a community of nothing BUT evil rapist whores who lied and said I raped them (FOUR PEOPLE… AND THEY HAVE KEPT ME TRAPPED FOR OVER 6 YEARS AND FORCED THOUGHTS OF KILLING ALL THEIR FAMILIES AS THE ONLY WAY THIS IS EVER GOING TO END)… And now it’s getting close to that time… “support groups” are the one place you can GUARANTEE there is almost exclusively nothing BUT evil rapist women (by the sounds of it most PROBABLY like YOU). I failed to meet their DEMANDS of me and so they said I raped them… especially after the first one… They must’ve thought “I can DEFINITELY get away with this”… And they raped me. And have never stopped… AND SO NOW I KILL ALL THEIR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME NEVER-ENDING TORTURE TO THEM THAT THEY DID TO ME. Rapists… BURN IN HELL!

Kim Detorez (email says the name is “Fred”) Submitted on 2013/08/29 at 2:35 pm

I felt sick when I read your story. If you live in a state that allows cc gun permit GET ONE !! You saw first hand what a holes some police can be. I am half swiss half Cuban. In Switzerland teen girls do not have to worry about getting raped. Do you know why?It is not uncommon or socially unacceptable for a teen girl 14-18 years old to be proficient in firearm usage . Often teen girls can be seen riding their bikes with their ar 15 and MK bags on their backs.
There was a problem with Albanian illegal immigrants attacking young women . Those assaults ended fast .

DGF Submitted on 2013/09/12 at 11:10 pm

Ummmm… I’m sorry but I don’t believe you either. There are holes in your story. You said he raped you in such a way that you wanted to buy a Plan B pill to abort your baby. That means he must have ejaculated into you, or at the very least there must have been some kind of discharge. You also said that they inspected you for the signs of rape. Evidently they didn’t find any traces of semen or anything of that sort, otherwise they wouldn’t ask you to say that you made the whole thing up. Did they find traces of semen or didn’t they?
Look, the fact is that gender politics being the way it is, the police bend over backwards to believe a woman when she claims rape, even to the point of prosecuting innocent men. Also, there are many emotional and mental disorders, such as borderline personality disorder, that cause women to make false accusations and then truly believe in their own victimization. You reluctantly admit to having mental health problems…
I’m sorry for being so frank about this, but I’m a man who was avused and then falsely accused by a woman with BPD. I don’t put up with stuff…

Riku Submitted on 2013/09/13 at 9:38 am

I read the whole article and have to say I feel really sorry for you if it really happened!
On the other hand, you do hopefully understand that men get arrested for a decade with barely any chance to defend themselves against the accusations…not all, not half of the cases, only a fracture of the accusations are false… But would you want to be in the shoes of a man falsely accused of rape and being arrested for it?

I understand you and what the detectives did was horrible, just please always consider that women can ruin innocent men’s lives with that procedure so we should be happy there’s at least a more or less thorough investigation


And again: not approving of what happened to you. At all. I wish technology to RELIABLY determine whether or not a statement is true was already here. Then we’ll truly see how many of the cases have been false in the past – given the rate for new false allegiations will drop like a brick once people figure out they can’t just make that stuff up anymore…


Alex Reynard Submitted on 2013/10/04 at 11:09 pm

>It makes me sick to know MRAs can take our numbers and use them to justify their “bitches be lying” stance. I can’t put into words how devastating that is.

You’d probably feel better if you stop strawmanning.

You make a good, valid point through 90% of your essay. Don’t ruin it by dehumanizing MRAs. I will keep in mind that bad cops will often treat innocent people like shit (and I would hope this is common knowledge by now), and that sometimes a false rape accusation may not be. So long as you promise to consider that not every MRA has the motivations of that asshole misogynist cop who hates his wife. We don’t just hate women and think they’re crazy liars. Even If Some Do, the core of our motivation on the issue of false allegation is to get help for innocent men whose lives are ruined because of lies. Victims like you need to be considered, yes, but victims like Daryl Kelly do too. Google him if you like. It’s the story where his daughter says her mother forced her to lie and say he abused her, and he’s been in jail for 16 years because of it.

Sixteen years. I say this not to hurt you but to illustrate my point: imagine the hell you went through lasting for sixteen years.

It doesn’t matter if false rape accusations only happen one time in a million. The *consequences* to the victim are unfathomable. That’s why I care about the issue.

This is a serious question: If the consequence of a man not going to prison for sixteen years on a false accusation (and remember what is done to child abusers in prison), is that real victims like you have to deal with the sometimes-cruel suspicion of police, can you tell me that is unfair?

Phil H Submitted on 2013/10/07 at 1:49 am

I find this story rather unbelievable for several reasons. First, the accounts of the damage done by the rape. Tearing from vagina to anus usually only happens during childbirth, and I don’t think there is a single human male on the planet with a penis whose girth is that of a baby’s head. Also, how the fuck can a penis burn you? If you really did have such extensive injuries, how did you ever manage to make it home?

You mention that you had made allegations in the past. Were those accusations true? If not, then it’s no wonder the police were so reluctant to believe you. And why are you so reluctant to tell us exactly what the “flimsy evidence” was on which they dismissed your case, but gladly willing to go through all the details of everything else? You’re clearly hiding something there.

It’s also extraordinarily hypocritical of you to delve into the personal history of the one police officer whose wife had bipolar disorder, but to act like your personal history doesn’t matter at all.

So, after offering nothing other than your one story, which itself is full of flaws, you expect us to believe on the basis of this one story that false rape accusations are so uncommon as to be unworthy of mention? No. Not happening.

Douglas M Submitted on 2013/10/07 at 2:37 am

If false allegations were as rare as feminists pretend, police would never behave as they did to the woman in this story: they would have no reason to. Even so, why they acted as they did is uncertain and I hope the woman pushes for penalties against those who treated her in this fashion (though complaining about the police is often a dead-end route that does no good at all).

Cases like this are undoubtedly a part of the false allegation statistic and only by bringing in determined (and independent) investigation of false accusations with harsh penalties upon conviction can the falsely accused AND the genuine victims achieve a better chance at justice.

Commentator Submitted on 2013/10/07 at 2:55 am

you mention that you made claims in the past. How were these treated? Was it in the same area and is this part of an overall pattern of police behaviour?

Anonandon Submitted on 2013/10/08 at 6:20 pm

Yeah that’s a nice story, but notice this part:

“Because I “claimed” I had been sexually assaulted in the past.”

Now I don’t believe that this story wasn’t tweaked by EEB to show herself in the best light possible, that’s just human nature. I would not be shocked to learn that EEB maybe has laid out a couple false rape/molestation claims in the past, and that because of it the police did not take her seriously when she actually was raped. And to me, that’s just the Universe correcting itself.

Loch Flip Submitted on 2013/10/17 at 7:15 am

IDGAF what a cop says.I wouldn’t have recanted.I would have stuck to my guns.This is BS

anil Submitted on 2013/10/17 at 11:35 pm

“FALSE RAPE ALLEGATION”FOR MONEY.AS I AM UNMARRIED AND ALSO NOT HAVE ANY SON OR DAUGHTER.EVEN I NOT ADOPTED ANY1″ [YouTube link redacted] rape allegation.not know how to face it.that particular day I was in my shop.a lady who lives far from my city 75km lodged false case against me that on 30-3-2013 at 1pm afternoon I raped he… possible this act? no1 listening me.even I have cctv recording of that day particular day from 10am to 10pm.this recording clearly shows that I was in my shop all day.this recording clearly shows that I was at my shop at 1pm to 2pmi also have my phone call record that i was at my medical test of that lady.can anyone help me in this false rape allegation? anil

Motoko Submitted on 2013/11/18 at 4:13 pm

Dear EEB,

Do not become a statistic. Report this to Internal Affairs. its hard work, you’ll have to remember as much as possible, practice saying it, and find an IA officer who will talk to you. but you have to do it, so that they don’t do this again. it works, eventually, believe me. so hang in there, and fight the good fight for all of us. i know how hard it is, and i am right there in the struggle alongside you, as are at least hundreds of millions of others right now- now, in fact is a good time in history to join the fight and push back- never before has this ambition been actively shared on the forefront of so many’s personal moral agendas. just keep plugging and chugging and reporting the right things to the right people. eventual conditions will arise that will give you some closure, but besides the drive for closure there is a social issue that is all of our responsability to address strictly and continously. there is always another thing to do but, that’s life, not whatever anyone else might tell you it is.

karan Submitted on 2013/11/21 at 2:50 am

Something doest seem right, Your father is a Cop, so he must have told you your rights after , what police can do and what they cannot do etc.. and detectives wont even dare to try this funny stuff if they know your father is part of the system and you will know your rights and law..

secondly before meeting your rape counselor i can believe you dint know your right too.. but after meeting her you knew and would have been told everything by her and guided.. and if your father and rape counselor was outside waiting for you when you were in the room questioned , then you went in the room to talk to detectives on your own will, knowing you dont have to as your dad and counselor were outside the room waiting.

Good story.

Anthony9097 Submitted on 2013/11/22 at 9:50 pm

I don’t understand why they did this to you. I’m not questioning your story but it boggles the mind that you could be bruised, bloody (torn from vagina to anus for goodness sake), have a positive rape kit and then harassed by the police. The amount of physical evidence you say was present makes your story unquestionable. You need to sue. To let these cops have their jobs is a disservice to all women. Get your medical records and no judge can dispute your story whether you recanted or not. Doing this will not only give you closure but it will make you a hero.

Dre Submitted on 2013/12/06 at 11:28 pm

If this is true its a terrible story. I will speak my piece though.

This is a supposed “victims” first person account of her situation. Her interpretation. There is a man out there with his account of what happened. His interpretation. Legally, they should both be equal’s and have a judge and jury decide the merits of the case based on evidence and testimony. If the young ladies account can be corroborated by evidence, then this was a major injustice. Her account suggest she was violently attacked and raped by a total stranger and the injuries to her were apparent. If she was forced to say her allegation was false, this was a major injustice.

That being said, it doesn’t take away from the fact that women have a free pass to accuse in these situations. If the authorities had a suspect in hand, more than likely he would have been charged or heavily investigated. That statistic of 6-8 % is baloney because it doesn’t take into account men who are investigated or charged and the charges are later dismissed OR even worse, CONVICTED by simply a victim’s testimony with no corroborating evidence. The situation has victims on both sides

BambiB Submitted on 2014/02/09 at 11:35 pm

Women do it to each other.

Do you really think that the cops treated you that way because they believed your story?

And why wouldn’t they believe you? What motivation might they have?

Could it be that you aren’t the first “rape victim” they’ve encountered? That more than half the time the alleged rape turns out to be an attempt to manipulate the system? Women have lied about rape for reasons as trivial as being late to class or late to return to a military post after a weekend night carousing in town. And I’m not talking about cases like yours. I’m talking about cases where there was NO evidence of any kind, or worse, where it was proven that the women lied.

So back to why the cops didn’t believe you… They’ve seen it before. Maybe they’ve seen it dozens of times. Maybe hundreds. Women who want an excuse. Women who want revenge. Women who feel put upon and used. Women who are mad at their boyfriends. Maybe the cops are only human. Maybe after they’ve heard the same lie time after time after time after time they just get inured to the stories. Maybe they get tired of wasting weeks of time trying to catch “bad guys” who don’t exist. Maybe the reason you weren’t believed is because millions of women have told the same story – when it really was nothing more than a lie. Maybe the cops have just come to expect that of women because it’s true more often than it’s false.

And if you were raped, there’s no doubt you were victimized twice – once by the rapists, and once by all the women who lied.

Now I want to ask if you’re in favor of fixing this problem. Would you favor a law that says if a woman lies about being raped, and it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied, would you be in favor of an automatic sentence equal to the MAXIMUM the alleged perpetrator could have received if he had been caught, prosecuted and found guilty on every charge? That is, if a woman accuses a man of simple rape using a gun and beating her, and it turns out she lied, and the maximum penalties for aggravated rape and aggravated battery with a weapon is 20 years for the rape and 20 years for the battery plus 10 years for the use of a gun, would you agree that the woman must serve 50 years in prison with no possibility of a reduced sentence or parole?

Because a big part of the problem is the women who lie. And what they do every time they lie about rape is subject a man to an unfair prosecution and subject women who really are victims to disbelief by the cops.

So what do you say?

BambiB Submitted on 2014/02/14 at 12:22 pm

Oh, I see. When a message introduces unpleasant FACTS, it’s held for “moderation”.

BambiB Submitted on 2014/02/14 at 12:23 pm

Still being “held for moderation”?

Isn’t that code for “held for censorship”?

MichaelJ909 Submitted on 2014/02/14 at 12:29 pm

The most recent studies indicate that complaints of rape are more likely to be FALSE than true.

So if you want to blame bad attitude on someone, blame it on the majority of rape complainants who file FALSE complaints.

If you want to do something about it, insist thaThe reason cops are so skeptical is because they spend thousands of hours chasing down FALSE rape complaints. The most recent studies indicate that complaints of rape are more likely to be FALSE than true.

So if you want to blame bad attitude on someone, blame it on the majority of rape complainants who file FALSE complaints.

If you want to do something about it, insist that any woman who makes a demonstrably FALSE claim of rape be sentenced to a MANDATORY 50 years in prison. This is appropriate because she has lied to invoke the pressure of the state on an innocent person, has destroyed his life and has wasted police resources. It’s also important because every lie told makes REAL reports of rape less credible.t any woman who makes a demonstrably FALSE claim of rape be sentenced to a MANDATORY 50 years in prison. This is appropriate because she has lied to invoke the pressure of the state on an innocent person, has destroyed his life and has wasted police resources. It’s also important because every lie told makes REAL reports of rape less credible.

Nice lot, eh?

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