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    What triggered this repulsive little display, I wonder? Are these friends and supporters of Shermer and Grothe? If so, I can only wish them both many more friends like these.

    I have to say the icing on the shit-cake is Mykeru calling you “bile-filled.” If these folks projected any harder they’d break screens.

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    Alerted by Ophelia’s post at Butterflies and Wheels. De-lurking once more to simply say *stands with you*

    Bone chilling. My inclination is to call the FBI as this smacks of violent threat via national media channel, but I am also susceptible to my privileges and the myopia they impart, including the assumption that the act of reporting isn’t also fraught with its own complications, dangers, threats, and toxicities.

    If nothing else, I reiterate:

    *stands with you*

    I mentioned to Ophelia that her blogging is as potent a learning forum as I have ever known, and I number yours among the same. Thank you for the work you do.

    Still learning,


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    These are the people I don’t want any room for in my movements. I doubt they were ever heavily involved. But they do get cover from the anti-FTB anti-SJW anti-feminist usual characters, and that’s what makes me extend that vibe of unwelcomeness to the casual Lulzwarriors along with the readily apparent abhorrent spectacles. Those atheist/secular “leaders” have fomented a level of hostility against FTB which permits and encourages such dehumanizing violent bullshit all by having done nothing to call it out, instead citing the cruelty of the internet and free speech. No condemnations, just tu quoques, and bringing-it-upon-theirself victim blaming. Man, their shit is indefensible at every step, and ultimately why people have bought into their parade of shit is because the uncomfortable thing to them is losing their ability to shit on every marginalized group without being called on it (see Barbara Drescher.) Fuck that, I’m glad we have people like you Stephanie. You who do the right things for the right reasons because you’re a decent person and extend that decency to all people, regardless of their ideologies. If time proves that I’m on the wrong side of social justice (it won’t) I’ll at least be glad I spent my time amongst the better people.

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    Oh damn, Stephanie, I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Again.
    Those creeps a truely disgusting.


    What triggered this repulsive little display, I wonder? Are these friends and supporters of Shermer and Grothe? If so, I can only wish them both many more friends like these.

    More or less, yes.
    Better said, they are friends of anybody who is against FtB, Skepchick and social justice, especially feminism*. It doesn’t matter how vile it gets.

    *They will apparently make an exception for TERFs. It’s more like the Hitler-Stalin Pakt. Or the Allied Forces in WWII. Anything goes as long as they have their enemy.

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    This has earned you a donation from me. Meant to do that a long time ago, actually, so I added a bit of interest.

    As for those two, it’s tough to get into their mindset. In a post-Block Bot world, they must have known you had them blocked. Anyone randomly searching for you wouldn’t be up on the backstory, and likely would be disgusted by those tweets and more sympathetic to you. Yet they thought that was the wisest thing to do, at that time.

    My theory is that running around in an arena where they get congratulated for being outrageously offensive, and are insulated from criticism by sheer numbers, has warped their view of what’s normal. More than one SlymePitter has dropped a catchphrase that makes no sense unless you were a regular at the ‘pit. They really think many people know about the place, and most of the public agree with them. Hence why they feel free to say the outrageous, even outside their safe space.

    Or so I figure.

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    So sorry this happens to you. These proto-men are fucking idiots. And the relative anonymity of the web makes them worse.

    Confront them in person and they usually buckle like a belt, so whilst that’s a poor consolation at least there’s something in that

    So sorry.

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    Inadequate though the words are, I’d like to express my support and sympathies. Faced with truly sinister filth like this, how could anyone with a spark of decency doubt which side of the “Deep Rift” to stand on, or that such a rift is ethically essential?

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    Faced with truly sinister filth like this, how could anyone with a spark of decency doubt which side of the “Deep Rift” to stand on, or that such a rift is ethically essential?

    Because Slymer money spends just as well. Well enough to declare that we’re all allies and it’s just disagreement, right certain unnamed atheist leaders?

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    Stephanie, I am so very, very sorry you’re having to deal with this kind of crap. There’s no excuse for anyone to behave the way your harassers have been, and are. The bigger the rift between us and that lot, the better.

    I stand with Stephanie Zvan.

    Anne, long-time lurking reader of your blog

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    I nearly puked reading that… simultaneously thinking of Buffalo Bill…

    That “person” is above and beyond revolting, and I can’t believe his peers can even pretend that’s funny even knowing what I do about them. Have a donation from me, too. *shivers*

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    Nothing to say but I’m sorry you have to endure this and I stand with you all the way. Hugs if you want them.

    Also, I love Thomas Dolby and your review was wonderful. I can’t wait to see the show.

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    There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said – and really, what can you say to something as evil as this.
    So I’m just unlurking to say “I stand with you”.

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    If it’s any consolation, I love the photos and that you went to see Dolby. His concert was the first I ever went to, and I remember vividly how much fun it was. She Blinded Me With Science.

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    That is truly vile. How does someone reconcile this to themselves with their own self-image as a basically decent person? I mean, don’t most people believe themselves to be fundamentally decent human beings?

    I just don’t get it. Stephanie, I’ll stand with you. Hell, if they’re going to put this kind of shit out there. I’ll stand in front of you. You’re a lovely, friendly person, with a gentle and warm manner that is pleasant to encounter, and I’m baffled by why these jerkbags can’t see what vile behaviour this is.

    Solidarity, sister.

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    Apart from the general vileness, what struck me was the complete kneejerk reaction of these people. You wrote a very nice review that made me really wish I had been at that show, and for that you get accused of being full of bile. It’s like they are not even trying to make sense.

    I just made a donation to support your blog, in the hope that it would at the same time annoy the haters.

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    tomhuld, I expect they were reacting to my talking about the newest information about Shermer rather than anything having to do with Dolby. Thank you very much for the donation.

    Thank you too, hjhornbeck and Sercee.

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    Not been around much lately for one reason and another and when I do pop in I see this, wtf. I mean really, WTF. So just delurking to say hang tight and to be counted as standing with you on this side of this rightfully ever widening rift. Hell, the wider the better, in fact, can we make it an infinite number of universes wide.

    @Desert Son, OM, it’s really great to see you pop up above the parapet, long long time no see, I hope things are working out for you.

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    I didn’t think these people could surprise me any more, but I stand corrected. I have no words to describe how despicable this is, nor how sorry I am that you are the target of such inhumane treatment. This is the kind of behavior that is so far beyond acceptable that I don’t want anything to do with anyone who fails to condemn it.

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    I didn’t think these people could surprise me any more, but I stand corrected

    Uh, yeah, that pretty well sums it up. Not that other people didn’t express similarly cogent thoughts, but … just wow, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

    Stephanie Zvan, I’ve been reading for two years now, and having recently secured remunerative employment (woo job!), I look forward to chipping in some dough to the bloggers (e.g. you) who’ve provided me so much material to learn from and engage with.

    In short, I’m with the others in standing with you.

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    Are not these threats illegal? Aren’t these threaters often the ones who try to carry out their threats? Where can I contribute to those who are lobbying for greater enforcement?

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    another delurker here to post message of support. at one point, i was going to suggest on thunderdome that we should just refer to the MRAsetc as “Ignatius T. Reillys”, since that seemed to nicely capture the dysfunctional-overgrown-kid-in-mom’s-basement mindset, but this shit is well beyond that. so they now hate you so much that they’re into 3d reichmind (hey, when was Godwin more apropos than when people want to make things out of your skin?).

    i agree on trying to report this to FBI. seems to me that that his statement that he “will” takes it out of 1st amdt turf and into true threat territory, and this is coming from a crim defense lawyer who regularly has to defend threat cases.

    love and hugs! the Pythons had the appropriate response to these guys: I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION

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    I’m glad you enjoyed the Thomas Dolby show. I’m disgusted at the threats and abuse you had to put up with on what was otherwise presumably a very happy day. Absolutely shameful. And these are the people we have to share a movement with? Ugh. Never.

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    My day? Pretty good all things considered, thanks for asking. I mean sure, the fact that my right patella tendon was stitched back on two months ago and my knee is still swollen, sore and incapable of bearing my full weight isn’t great. But you know what? I’d still take my day over yours, Tomas Dolby notwithstanding. Your endurance as a lightning rod in the douche-storm is a constant source of amazement to me. Thanks, and all the best to you and yours.

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    I understood this crap to be a Silence of the Lambs reference. Didn’t make it any more amusing. For the benefit of the dummies in the audience at home, it’s not funny because shit like this happens to real people in real life. Buffalo Bill was based on two real serial killers.

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    Thanks Stephanie. I’m keeping as positive an attitude as I can.* I will get better with time, effort and unfortunately, self-inflicted pain (Ain’t physio grand?). Anyway, that wasn’t the point, I wanted to delurk and say thanks for your efforts in no uncertain terms.

    *Besides, one hundred years ago this injury would have left me disabled for life. Whinging about how long it’s taking is a bit ungrateful.

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    Once more these douchemaggots display what horrible human beings they are. Looking at those tweets, I literally cannot fathom these people. Even to the few people I genuinely despise, the most I can muster is utter contempt (and, if being honest, part of me does want to punch them, but the more compassionate, non violent side holds sway, so that would not likely happen). But the depraved thinking behind those tweets is scary.

    You (and others) have been dealing with this crap for so long. Your strength and fortitude is admirable. These assclams have a lot of people standing with you.
    We are fighting for equality.
    We fight against bullying.
    We stand against harassment and rape culture.
    We stand against everything they are and have.

    They have frozen peaches.

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