Can I Skip My Own Conference?

Center for Inquiry has just announced their second African Americans for Humanism conference, and I’m badly torn. On one hand, look at this speaker list:

  • Ronnelle Adams author of Aching and Praying
  • Jamila Bey host of “Sex Politics and Religion Hour” at Voice of Russia radio
  • Debbie Goddard director of African Americans for Humanism and director of outreach for CFI 
  • Aisha Goss deputy director at the Secular Coalition for America and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
  • Mark Hatcher founder and president of Secular Students at Howard University
  • Sikivu Hutchinson author, activist, teacher, and founder of Black Skeptics Group
  • Anti_Intellect educator, activist, essayist
  • Alix Jules activist, historian
  • Anthony Pinn author, professor at Rice University

Five of them I’ve already heard speak, and they’re all great. People have been raving about Mark Hatcher’s talk at the CFI Summit this weekend. And Anti_Intellect?! Plus, of course, the folks I don’t know are great yet.

Then there’s the other hand. That’s the weekend of the second FtBCon. So I’m already committed for that weekend.

This schedule crowding is a good sort of problem for a movement to have, right?

Can I Skip My Own Conference?
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5 thoughts on “Can I Skip My Own Conference?

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    Considering you kind of live FTB 24/7 among the other things you do, I guess I’d tend towards African Americans for Humanism, particularly considering the wild public underrepresentation of Black atheism and humanism. So I’d agree with Jadehawk and suggest that FTBCon get the shorter end of the stick in case of conflicts and the need for rest. You give an awful lot to the FTB-o-sphere daily.

  2. 4

    And is it not possible to combine the two? Be at the AAfH conference and interview speakers there for FTBcon.
    Especially good to hear non-white speakers on FTBcon as well.

  3. 5

    This is simply not possible. Important Skeptics were just telling us a few years ago (and some continue to claim) that there are no minorities or women who can be invited as speakers to major conferences because they’ve looked, honest, there wasn’t any reason their lineups were all middle-aged white men, it just happened that way because everyone who is a humanist/atheist/skeptic happens to be like that. Therefore this entire lineup must be a figment of someone’s imagination.

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