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People have asked in the past how they can donate to support this blog. I’ve always told them to make the donation to FtB as a whole instead. I’ve told them I make a ridiculously good living. It’s time I stop doing that. I could really use the help.

I have made a good living doing what I do, and I have enjoyed the work and the people. However, the increasing frequency and duration of the migraines that I’ve experienced over the last couple of years has cut into the amount I can work. Being able to work less has contributed to work stresses that have probably in turn contributed to the frequency of the migraines. The situation I’ve experienced over the latter half of this summer with what appears to be a very rare side effect of my migraine medication, plus some knock-on effects requiring other medication changes, hasn’t helped any. I’m doing better now, but it’s been ugly.

It’s time for me to cut that job loose, build my general fitness level back up after the last few months, and get a new job. I’m not worried about being employable, but I am worried about the delays involved in the application and interview process. There’s not much left in the way of savings, and there are one or two big bills coming due. So it’s time to stop pretending things are as they ever were and let those of you who want to and can help, help. I’ve added donation and subscription buttons to the sidebar, but here they are as well.


One note about subscriptions. FtB is currently testing an ad-free subscription plug-in for the site. As much as I’d like to be able to extend the ad-free offer to anyone who supports me directly, that can’t happen without me cutting into the revenues of the other bloggers. So if you want your money to get you an ad-free FtB, you may want to hold off.

As always, I really appreciate the support you already show this blog by reading, commenting, and sharing what I write here. If you’re not in a position to donate, please don’t feel that these things you do don’t matter. They are what makes this blog. Thank you, everyone.

So You Want to Support Almost Diamonds

8 thoughts on “So You Want to Support Almost Diamonds

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    The subscription link didn’t work for me… But clicking on donate I see there is a tick bot for subscription, which did work… So a small monthly amount from me given I read nearly all your posts!

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    First of all: Sorry your health sucks at the moment, all the best in hope that this move will allow you to rebuild your strength.
    Second: Little something sent. It’s not much, I’m afraid. There’s always somebody around who’s in dire need of funds due to the non-existent state of US welfare.

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    Yeah, I haven’t got much myself just now, but I think there are a few shekels in my PayPal account, I usually like to keep a tiny balance to be able to give or help when it’s possible. Good luck.

    My ex, who is still a close friend, suffers from “loss of coordination” migraines, which have much of the appearance of a stroke: she can’t move her limbs well, slurs her speech, her eyes fixate at different focal lengths, it’s awful. I only get the nauseau/photophobic/severe-pain kind, and not often. Sympathy from one who knows some of what it’s like.

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    I made a small donation as well. Just as a way to say thank you for all the detailed, well researched posts I have read in this blog and all the things I have learned.

    I am glad to hear your health is better now, I hope things will continue to improve.

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