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20 thoughts on “This Is Supremacy?

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    Wow. I don’t know if I needed all that storify in the middle, but there was some comedy gold sprinkled throughout. Misogynist Libertarian with Attachable Woman and Nazi Brony just might force him to hang up this blog too, since he has previously dissed on similar “losers.” Life is rough for a non-MRA misogynist.

    Honestly, the Attachable Woman was uncanny. I feel like she might be real, and just have an identical voice to the Doctor himself. It’s remarkable. I remarked on it. Now… I oughtta stop going to bed at seven in the morning.

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    What a sad little dude with sad little “friends”.

    The most pathetic part is how they seem to think they are scoring points by being ignorant, sexist, racist, ablist creeps. If they weren’t such hateful turds, I think I’d feel real pity for them.

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    As much as I’ve seen it over the years, the rhetorical tactic of judging a woman based on a subjective feeling about her appearance should have stopped surprising me by now. But it still shocks me every single time, perhaps because I imagine myself on the receiving end of that kind of treatment. I hope that nobody is paying these “men” more than the usual allowance that every other ten-year-old receives these days.

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    I know it doesn’t automatically mean you’re right, and it’s annoying that how you look is somehow more important in their bizarre little world than what you have to say, but doesn’t it feel good when the most rational, logical, well constructed rebuttal they can muster against your points are “yeah, well… I wouldn’t fuck ya!”
    Sometimes I wish creationists would be so honest about the strength of their case and its underpinning rationale.
    Nobody’s asking for your precious, precious sperms, guys, just put forward a single rational thought for once.

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    When people are raised on black and white simplistic thinking their mental heuristics will reflect that. So among people with a lifetime of simple superficial connection experience it will be common to see connections drawn from physical characteristics. It’s probably also likely that this person also draws irrational conclusions from simple perceptions of the way people sound too.

    When you have nothing rational and evidence based for your conclusions, there are only so many things you can do. Easy and shocking things that get attention like “ugly” and insistence that “all men X” and “all women X” become the currency for discussion.

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    That was EPIC. I’m kind of at a loss at how to argue against Dr. Illusion and friends, they’re so far from the evidence that they might as well be speaking kitten. Someone needs to write a “how to argue effectively on Twitter” guide, it’s quite different from other media. Maybe I’ll give it a crack, after things die down a bit over here.

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    @ hjhornbeck
    Since the motivated reasoning is strong with these ones, I can only think of three things.
    1. Conceptually simple hard hitting comments
    2. A group disagreeing with them
    3. Repetition

    Alone or in combination. Basically the mirror image of what they do but with the added benefit of being consistent with reality (which will hopefully provide an indirect psychological effect at the time, later, or for the audience).

    I honestly believe that the more black and white ones thinking, the more one can be prone to motivated reasoning. It might be like lacking conceptual detectors that can pick up on what a person is saying. Or it might mean that one can more easily ignore what another person is really saying because of a similar lack of conceptual detectors. But that might also mean that there are fewer conceptual areas of approach that we need to consider to unwire that sort of bias.

    I’m breaking down a really good set of papers that looks at the origins of cognitive bias and debiasing techniques in a medical context and I’m discovering that it is a lot more generally useful than I though. I wonder if such could be used for rhetorically weaponizing comments down the road?

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    I almost wonder if these guys are for real. They’re sexist caricatures, a kind of sexist Poe, an amalgamation of the very worst character traits a man can have. It’s like they’re trying really, really hard to be The Feminist’s Worst Nightmare: an ill-conceived super villain that lives in a dusty basement lair who believes his superpower is to cause women on the internet to weep with anger and frustration. In reality though, I can’t even get mad. They’re just so silly. They’re inconsequential, ridiculous, and just…stupid. 

    Really, what effect can these guys, whom we’ve never heard of before and will never meet, have on any of our lives? Do they really think they even matter? Do they think this is some sort of win? What’s their point? Do they really think they can impact our lives? In what way? 

    Meh. I can’t be bothered. It’s a lot like when I was 16 and my brother was 12 and he’d say annoying things just to try and piss me off because getting a reaction was fun. It’s the very same mentality, and I’ve grown out of the need to chase him down and beat on him. 🙂 All I feel here is a bewildered sort of contempt, and that I can just shrug off.

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    blonde- I’m glad other people are willing to engage, because they aren’t all inconsequential. Dr. Illusion has a position of hiring authority in a male-dominated field, so he’s perpetuating a shit status quo IRL. But I also tend to leave those fights to other people.

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    I wish I could engage such more often. Tourettes plays hell with my ability to post fast when things get heated. I have to watch my own intensity and motivated reasoning. I’m a creature of forums by history and would need to get used to things like Twitter and such. Routine shifts are a thing I need to watch.

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    Wow. Small world. Actually, the big thing that I got out of that was that you’d written for Sex in the Public Square, my old site. I co-founded it with Elizabeth Wood, back in the day. Apparently, you contributed after I had to leave NYC for California, and was doing other things. Now I’m all filled with warm memories, and a little wistfulness from missing the site and my old friend.

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    F [is for failure to emerge] @9:

    Umm,technical question: Is there a “next page” or no?

    I had that issue too, my Javascript blocker was preventing the “Next Page” button from showing up. See if you have something like NoScript or the like enabled, because there’s a LOT there!

  13. 17

    I hadn’t read the dissection before, but even without that, it’s clear that not only is this man not independent, but that he’s dependent on dependency! As a parent, I can tell from experience that being in a relationship where the other person is dependent on you for everything is exhausting. I can’t fathom wanting to have such a relationship for a significant other (though I suppose his point is that the other shouldn’t be significant…)

    A persistently dependent person is infuriating and exhausting, and I try to keep out of those relationships on any level. (Most of those have been coworkers who didn’t know how to do their job.)

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    I tried to read the whole thing, I really did, but after page and pages, I can’t take it anymore. The place where I decided to give up was a little after the discussion about gender and race. I’ve gotten really, really tired of misogynists pretending to care about racial minorities in order to be against feminism. It’s true that there are feminists who exclude racial minorities (just as it’s true that there are anti-racism advocates who exclude women). But I have also seen lots of feminists who realize those mistakes and want to be more inclusive. I’ve seen writing by women of color who are feminists. I don’t believe that people like “Dr. Illusion” actually care about me. They just hate women and are pretending to care about women of color to hate on feminism.

    And then, all the stuff about having the right to discriminate by “hiring who they want”. They don’t get it, they just don’t get it. This is why I can’t stand them, and their politician counterparts, who think hiring discrimination is part of freedom. They don’t see how they make life miserable for other people. It seriously makes me want to cry and scream.

    Oh, yay. Yet one more anti-feminist who can’t tell the difference between freethought and freedom of thought. Who’s laying odds he was proud of how clever and original that was too?

    Very tired of that argument as well. Apparently, them saying anything at all is freedom of thought/speech, but any pro-equal rights message is anti-freedom by their definition.

    No it won’t. It contains nothing that’s new. In fact, everything in all four pieces should have already been known to Forney before he wrote his post. That’s kind of the point.

    Yes, this.

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